Tuesday, February 7, 2017

We all have a story the last year of Listen To Your Mother OKC

The last couple of years I have learned so much that I thought I knew.

I mean INTELLECTUALLY I know things. But without the experience of  the situation I don't.

I THOUGHT I knew about parenting. Love, food, shelter, clean diapers.

I'd had a parent. I knew what I was and wasn't going to do.

But then at the age of 39 ALMOST 40 I was handed this ball of wiggling sweet humanity

and realized I KNOW NOTHING.

Some basics but Lord what a learning curve it was!

I THOUGHT I  knew about being strong. But when Conor started public school and I had to go in

5 times that  first year to the principal about the teacher I knew I was not an expert.

I THOUGHT I knew about how to take care of them when they are hurt or sick.

But sometimes you have to call and ask for help, how do you keep a barfing baby hydrated, or

do you get a bandage off of a sunburn.

THOUGHT I knew how to let him go. To let him ride his bike to the store,  to let him go

on a ski trip with his friends, to give him the keys to my car.

But oh boy its SO NOT EASY!

We are all surviving

He's a big ole 16 year old now. Intelligent, growing, full of a passion for politics and rock music.

But the common thread here is that all the help I got was from others sharing their stories

with me.

Through it all I heard, this happened to me and here is what I did.

I heard about that let me tell you.

We help each other with our stories. We all have one.


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