Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Caught between a rock and and a hard place.

Ever since I was little I have always been a peacemaker.

A go along-get along-helper-pleaser- do the right thing even when nobody is watching- loyal as your

best dog or the side kick in a buddy movie- love my friends to the bitter end.

Need someones shoulder to cry on, I got the kleenex.

Need someone to help you move, I brought the boxes.

Need a good laugh, I got a million jokes.

I opened my door, my couch, my fridge, the car door,  my wallet, and my heart.

Over and over again.

And it felt good. It felt good to help people.I wanted to help everyone.

 One of the girls I worked with asked me to help her one day in the bathroom because she needed to

change a bandage where she had fallen.

When she pulled open her smock she had bruises all over.  She was in a abusive relationship.

I was horrified. I said "OH MY GOD if you need help if you need a place to go I will let you stay

with me. So she did. She came with garbage bags of clothes and papers and a blow up mattress.

But you know the story don't you? She started talking to him again and then just went back.

Just left all of her stuff and wouldn't call me back about getting her things.

I had her stuff at my house for 6 months when I finally threw away everything but her clothes.

But you know what happened. Murphys Law.

She called and came to get her clothes.

And was  furious didnt have all her other things.  Thought I was hiding them.

I explained I just didnt have anywhere to keep ALL OF IT in a two room duplex.

So she had her husband call and threaten to beat the hell out of me if I didnt give her her stuff back.

But this is where it gets good.

He left the message on my answering machine. (  I am not making this up, DUMB.)

So I called my next door neighbor who worked construction and he and Larry changed out all the

locks on my front and back door.

Then I called the police and a officer came over and with Larry holding my hand while I shook

all over like a tree in a high wind I told him everything. He listened to the tape and then he

called the number. He spoke to the guy who of course denied that it was him it was "his friend".

The officer then explained for him to "share" the message that he would be looking for him and

if he found him anywhere near my house or work he had his name and would arrest him.

Then after that happened the officer had a talk with me.

He said, "There are ways to help people. But you have to stop and think about the best way to do it.

You gotta throw a ring to someone drowning or they will drown you too. You gotta put your own

mask on in the plane to help others. We can all be the good guy. But you need to stop and think

about how to do it you get what I'm saying?"

I think about that policeman often and how he understood I wanted to help.

There are many resources out there to help people, to help women.

Start here.


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  1. I was so worried about all of that. Some people are just beyond help. Thank you for trying.