Monday, August 4, 2014

Togetherness and the new normal #Queenofstartingover Week 4

Well week four rolled around before you know it.

I can actually move better. I feel a little stronger. I'm starting to crave healthy foods and accept healthy habits like portion control and cutting out  most refined carbs and candy.

I also am trying to drink a gallon of water every day. I thought it was crazy when my friend mentioned it but I also noticed two of my friends who are fitness competitors do it and talked about how good they felt. I don't know if its just wanting it to be true but I actually feel less tired and achy since I started. I have yet to drink an entire gallon mostly only 3/4 of the way through but its enough to feel a difference.

One thing that I love is that my son Conor wants to go workout with me. And Ms. Stephanie doesn't mind she likes him.

It just looks easy
We both did the treadmill to get our heart rate up and he did the weightlifting with me. But he kept drifting over to the machines...

Of course he's fascinated with the machines and has to try them out. His comment after this one was "Dang it just looks easy..."

Conor attacking me after the Planking...
I was doing crunches. He was doing planks. Ms. Stephanie says "OK Conor you have to hold your plank til your Mom finishes her crunches."

Now I can do some crunches. Believe it or not I am the crunch Queen. So I decided I'd stretch those crunches out as looooong as I could.

 Me: Hey Conor are you OK?
Conor: Yep Yep but this is hard.
Me: ( on crunch 25) Are you tired yet?
Conor: Yep I'm tired Mom just hurry up.
Me: Oh no this feels so great I'm going to do I don't know 25 more.
Conor: Mom, Mom, MOM!!!!!
Me: OK

I loved getting to spend the time with him doing something good for us, that helps to make us healthy better people. And having a teen its hard to find something that doesn't bore him.

Bonding over healthy stuff with your kid.

Yep its my new normal.

P.S. I fit back into a pair of jeans I have not been able to wear for a couple of months. WOOHOO!

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