Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Queen of starting over August 2014 #Stuffingisforturkeys

Life does not always goes as planned. If you don't know that by the time your fiftyish then your living in a bubble.

My Dads very ill and lives in California and I just made a trip there to see him. A fast one. The kind where you are up at 4:00 all feet on the floor and asleep by ten, and the next day start again. Exhausting, emotionally draining, frustrating and having to make all kinds of decisions that you never even knew about.

I was not alone. I had my ROCK of a cousin Karen Vaughn Scherff and my sweet little Auntie Margaret Charleton with me.

I will say this about being in crisis mode. I used my Argus Life and would have 3000 steps in (sometimes before one P.M.)  running the halls of the rehab/clinic, and also the days I flew in and out of California. I could just hear Trainer/Stephanie in my head telling me to keep moving especially when I felt like the top of my head was about to blow off from all the crazy...

My Dads friends were kind enough to bring us some fruit, cheese, smoked fish and good bread to the hotel so we could eat healthy and the hotel had a morning buffet where I resisted the waffles and ate hard boiled eggs or cottage cheese and fruit instead for breakfast.

Lunch and dinner I was able to indulge my love for seafood and still eat decently avoiding rich sauces and opting instead for fish prepared in a healthy way with seasonal veggies.

At night I stretched and did some yoga before bed ( I called it Wallerin ans in I'm gonna lay in the floor and Waller don't pay me any mind folks."  and also tried to stretch a little during the day to keep from becoming sore and miserable.

Did I "fall off the wagon"?

I prefer to call it showing myself some grace...

 I did indulge myself in a piece of beautiful lemon and blueberry cake which I shared with my Auntie. I also just had to try the IN and OUT burger just to see what the fuss was about. Burger good. But McDonald's fries are still better.

All in all for a person whose addicted to food and, "Stuffs her feelings" I felt like it all went pretty well.

Dealing with all this is the new normal for me. And I can do it....

It boils down to this, feelings don't kill you, keep moving, healthy food is good, and a little bit of sweet is OK.


  1. Suz, you are MY hero and I love you to the moon and back! <3

  2. Be good to yourself, stay in touch with the people who love you and hug and kiss the friendly freckles of the Boy. Luv