Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Shit my kid says

So Conor and I went to a movie and afterwards he wanted to go look around at the mall.

Conor: Hey can we go to Hot Topic I want to see if they have a scarf.

Me: You mean the one Brad Pitt has on in World War Z?

Conor: Yeah.

Me: I don't think they are going to have a Perry Ellis scarf in Hot Topic but OK. Did you bring your money?

Conor: No you know I'm saving for a computer I'm not wasting my money on stuff out here.

Me: REALLY? So we are just going to waste mine?

Conor: UM I guess I should have phrased that better...

Conor: We need to start drinking real milk again not Almond Milk kids need the nutrition real milk offers.

( I had actually done allot of research before switching to Almond milk for our family for health reasons)

Me: You get calcium, protein, and vitamins from Almond Milk just like dairy.

Conor: But it doesn't have as much. And I need to lose weight and get fit.

Me: You also don't get the lactose or the carbs which are NOT great for you. So what about that?

Conor: Well then can we have the vanilla kind I don't like the way it tastes.

Me: Is that what this is all about?

Later we go to meet my trainer and I laugh and tell her about our conversation and as she invites Conor to work out the next day with us. I show him a magazine with a roided out guy on the cover. I say" You work out with us you will look just like him you said you wanted to get fit."

Conor says "Oh he probably got that way from Steroids and protein."

Stephanie says "You could get all muscly without steroids."

Conor: "How?'

Stephanie: "Drinking Almond Milk."

Conor: "MOMMMMM!"

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