Tuesday, July 22, 2014

10 Funniest Workout Videos #TheQueenofstartingover

I may have been in all these classes at one time in my life. Especially the forward roll class with the two hot guys....

But this is week three of training with Steph.  And its going well.  I have been sore but its a good sore, the kind where your body says "OH THANK GOD MY SHIT STILL WORKS..."

I dont wake up unable to move but I know those muscles are remembering what they are supposed to do. And it feels really good.

I do have a dream. Todays dream is to get myself back in shape enough to ride my bike with my kid by the time the weather cools off some. Small goals are what I'm working towards because its so much more than the number on the scale for me. Its my relationship with my kid, my husband, and food.

I have been trying to watch my food but Im an emotional eater and this has been a roller coaster week of dealing with my Dad and his health problems, trying to make sure he's getting the care he needs, and doing it all from 11 states away. So I'm not being to hard on myself for those Margaritas Saturday night even though they were hard on me the next day.

You know what I learned about working out this week? Dont wear my workout pants without underwear. Cause theres no way to hide pulling your drawers outta your butt at the gym.

#Queenofstartingover :)

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