Saturday, May 3, 2014


Memorial Walkers take advantage of free hugs sign

I have seen it many times the saying "Be kind for everyone you meet may be fighting a battle you know nothing about."

After hearing it about a zillion times it becomes pat and cliche and you kind of don't really pay that much attention to it.  However being in the people business, touching people, seeing some of them at least once a month, its developed a radar of sorts a tickling feeling that something may not be going well.

I have had clients  fall apart and cry, spill their guts about all sorts of things, and I have held them and the box of Kleenex, just listening and trying to share some love where I can I use my special "HUG" power to encourage them and empathize and give them some validation so they don't feel so alone.  Maybe they just need a I'm tired gimme some energy quick hug, or I 'm glad someone listened, or even happy hugs,  I'm excited something fabulous happened lets be happy type. But there are some that are harder to read the quiet ones.

And its the quiet ones that get me.

She's quiet. She's pretty and happy and just glides along always smiling, always friendly. She always looks beautiful and pulled together and will share a funny story and make me laugh. Yesterday was no different. But I had a feeling. So when I got her in a quiet place I asked what was wrong and she shared with me that she was having some pretty serious health issues.

She was sad and scared and said "I wish I could just have a normal problem like a hangover." And then she laughed but was dabbing her eyes at the same time.  I was knocked over. You'd never know to look at her. And she never acts like anything is wrong. How do you fix it, how do you help this young girl that you care about so much?

 I hugged her. I shut my eyes and I gathered her up into me as close to my heart as I could and I hugged her.

Not one of those sideways shoulder to shoulder lean in hugs.

This was a I am gonna feel your heart beat, feel you breathe, squoosh you like a kid with a teddy bear, like a quarterback  carries a football,  like a fireman running out of a burning building with a baby in their arms, like a mom who wants to make you feel safe,

like its gonna be OK,

like for

just one minute,

your enveloped,



and loved.

Because that's what a hug can say that words cannot.

So step out of your comfort zone today and hug somebody. You may get treated like your trying to steal their wallet which has happened to me HA! But usually they are pleasantly surprised and will hug you back. And the power of hug is that love can flow right back into you....


  1. Your the queen of huggers. You could start a college for huggers. Best of all you are the BEST OF HUGGERS. If I had a medal I would give it to you.

  2. I'm glad you found your superpower and use it for good.

  3. Thank you Brandi! I hope everyone finds the superpower of sharing love however it works for them. I think your daughters is singing I'm a little teapot...