Sunday, April 20, 2014

Musn't Forget

This week has been one of highs and lows. As I watched a special on the Boston Marathon bombing it brought back memories of OKC and the Murrah Building. It was one of those events that you don't forget where you were, who you were with, and how it affected you and those around you.

I didn't go down to the Murrah building til after they had stopped searching for survivors. When I did go I just looked at it, sat on the curb and sobbed for a long while. The Immensity of the act and the destruction , horror, death, and damage. All I could think was how could someone sit and PLAN out an act such as this knowing it would hurt so many innocent people? How could someone be so EVIL?

The one thing that has stayed with me through both of these events and others like them is this.

The bad guys WANTED to create EVIL.

But instead they created something else.

They created heroes.

People who ran TO the mayhem and chaos without thinking of themselves to help, to comfort, to save.

To restore and create HUMANITY.

To run into the fray of good against evil , light against dark, to restore the balance.

Because in the big scheme of things my belief is even STRONGER that there are more of us good guys than them bad ones.

That we will always turn that situation back around on them and come together more united than ever.

They will not defeat us.

And that my friends is what we MUSN'T FORGET....

Light for Dark

Happy Easter


  1. Well said, Suzanne! Hope you had a blessed holiday weekend!

  2. Thank you Shel it was quiet but nice. I hope yours was lovely as well. I hope I get to see you at Listen To Your Mother are you coming?

  3. Mine was very special - got to spend a couple of days with my folks in Florida. My dad will be 90 this month and my mother is 88 - every moment with them is precious. I won't be at that event, but will I get to meet you at OWFI in a few weeks?