Sunday, April 20, 2014

Musn't Forget

This week has been one of highs and lows. As I watched a special on the Boston Marathon bombing it brought back memories of OKC and the Murrah Building. It was one of those events that you don't forget where you were, who you were with, and how it affected you and those around you.

I didn't go down to the Murrah building til after they had stopped searching for survivors. When I did go I just looked at it, sat on the curb and sobbed for a long while. The Immensity of the act and the destruction , horror, death, and damage. All I could think was how could someone sit and PLAN out an act such as this knowing it would hurt so many innocent people? How could someone be so EVIL?

The one thing that has stayed with me through both of these events and others like them is this.

The bad guys WANTED to create EVIL.

But instead they created something else.

They created heroes.

People who ran TO the mayhem and chaos without thinking of themselves to help, to comfort, to save.

To restore and create HUMANITY.

To run into the fray of good against evil , light against dark, to restore the balance.

Because in the big scheme of things my belief is even STRONGER that there are more of us good guys than them bad ones.

That we will always turn that situation back around on them and come together more united than ever.

They will not defeat us.

And that my friends is what we MUSN'T FORGET....

Light for Dark

Happy Easter

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What is love?

Its April first.

 April fools day.

 Also the day I tell my 2 fur babies

Happy Birthday.

Lilli is first because she came first. My friend had a mama cat have 11

kittens in her garage. It was during a crazy Thunderstorm with 80 mile

Lilli the Kat 18=93

per hour winds. Deb went into her garage the next day to get her

wheelbarrow and there was this nest of kittens on a pile of tarps in the


When they were old enough we went out and

got them and bathed them to get the fleas off. With me all the while

saying, "I'm just bathing not taking I don't want another animal and

don't try to make me either." Deb just laughed and handed me another

furry little waif out of the laundry basket. I scrubbed her teeny little

body, ( it was smaller than a Barbie) and then rubbed her with the

towel and herself all the while purring like a freight train.

As I looked her over i looked into her HUGE green eyes and saw those big ole Yoda ears and said "Your so bitty."

She promptly reached out and put both her paws on each side of my chin and pulled me forward.

I tucked her up to my face and she gave my chin a nibble and that was it. I was a goner. She came to live

with me. She is a creature of habit. She stays upstairs mostly in her "room" but about nine PM she meows til I go

up and go to bed. She then comes in and gently side chews my arm it doesn't hurt) and then gives it a bath.

Afterwards she lays on top of me and purrs really loud while i gently give her a good head scratch. Shes a funny

girl, she would roll over and show her belly but if you ever tried to touch it she would go nuts. If you played with

her you better wear an oven mitt on your hand because she might get crazy. She does not do those things now but

she still comes in and lays on top whoever is in bed. She's and equal opportunity lover.

Cali the Cattle Dog 13 = 65
Cali the Cattle dog. My kindergarten empty nest dog.

When Conor went to kindergarten I was lonely. So Larry

agreed I could have a dog. I blogged about looking for

the perfect dog. It was an adventure that ranged from

Slaughterville to Midwest City.  We looked for quite

awhile before we found her but she was a perfect fit.

 She is so smart.

We could tell her "Find the boy" and she would go

search for Conor til he opened the closet door or

came out from under the bed or jumped out of the

closet where she would wag her propeller tail around and around and kiss him like he'd been gone for ages. She

loves fetch and howling at the Noon siren on Saturday.

She has a terrible love leak which means she must be petted belly rubbed and doted on frequently. Shes so smart.

 She will poke you incessantly with her nose and then lead you to what she needs whether its the back door  or her

water bowl. She taught the Yorkie how to help her catch the squirrels in the back yard.

My babies are getting old. They don't play like they did. They have lots of grey fur. They sleep a lot more.

But to me these are the best years. I look at the grey fur on the face, I smile at the snoring, I make soft warm

places for them to lay. I give them medicine and stroke their sweet faces and hold them gently and try to give them

back the love and joy and comfort they have given me. Thank you my babies. Thank you for answering the

question, "What is love."