Sunday, March 16, 2014

Today its five things.


I used to fit your little noggin under my chin and now your 14 and so big.

I have some stuff I wanted to tell you cause I'm your Mom and everything and maybe you won't pay much attention now but you might later.

1. Be an open person.

This old world has allot to offer and sometimes what we see as a "NO" to what we want right now  is really a "Yes" to something down the road we didn't even know about. Open your heart and mind to try to find the YES, even if it hurts some, because living in NO is awfully lonely....

2. Think carefully about what you choose to keep.

This doesn't mean just stuff. Of course stuff is awesome sometimes. Especially old stuff like your Old Old Grandpas pocketknife, or your first Valentine. But I'm talking about people. Your very first friends were your cousins , you have gone from wallering together on a pallet in the floor to sharing those moments of "our parents are so dumb..."
Your life's only going to get bigger and more exciting. Keep some room in there to share it with the ones who you said were your "Bess Frangs" when you were three.

3. Be silly. LAUGH WELL AND OFTEN. Find joy in letting go.

When you were two and learning to swim and dive you flopped and floundered and each time we'd laugh and clap and instead of being mad you were filled with encouragement and happiness and you'd get right back up and keep going holding onto us for dear life. But soon you just let go and started swimming everywhere and having a terrific time.  You can't move forward without letting go of something. I know your brave, keep trying. And embrace yourself, all of you, keep in mind a belly flop off the diving board can be just as satisfying as a perfect Swan so enjoy it all!

4. Know thyself. Some people fill their life with so much "Busy" time because they are not comfortable with who they are. Their is something satisfying about being able to sit in a cafe, taking your time to enjoy your meal, and then  people watch over the top of your book and not have to worry about anybody else. You will learn to savor those times when you can do something you love every day.  Have dance parties in your underwear, take up the entire couch, and not share the remote. Alone does not have to mean lonely. You are your own best friend stay in touch.

5. Love is where you come from and who you are created to be.

Its all around you. From the dogs head on your knee to your grandmothers lap.
Sometimes you have to be brave and do things for love that other people will not understand. Do it anyway. You will have people who come into your life who are terribly hard to love. Love them anyway. Love is going to be elusive sometimes. Keep looking. Because its worth it. And so are you. Your worthy of all the love in the world.

And I want you to know, just like the Dolly Parton song, I will always love you...

No matter what, NO MATTER WHAT <3


  1. Great advice, Suzanne - for more than just your little one!

  2. Thank you young lady. Its sure hard to believe he's a teenager and not my little teeny guy...