Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I come from a long line of bookworms. Both my parents and my mothers parents, my Aunties, a couple of my cousins, all of us love to read.

My mom SWEARS that I memorized my books when I was little and could recite them back by rote. I prefer to believe that I had super brain and could read at three.

Books have always been my friends. We moved allot while I was growing up. SO when I was in a new place and didn't know any of the kids I'd grab a book. You would find me curled up someplace on a bed, on the porch steps, in a tree, sprawled in the tub.

Louisa May Alcott taught me what it was like to have sisters.

Nancy Drew took me on may adventures and helped me pay attention to details that made me a great solver of "mysteries" in my time. ( Yep don't watch a mystery with me because I almost always know who done it before the end.)

We had Scholastic Book Club and even though we didn't have much money my Mom always let me buy some books. Runaway Pony Runaway Dog The Incredible Journey, and Old Yeller, Where the Red Fern Grows, And the Yearling. I loved all those animals they taught me about loyalty and friendship.

The Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder taught me history of our country, and the way of life on the frontier. But it also showed me the bonds of courage, perseverance, love, and family. Ma, Pa, Laura and Mary, Carrie and the dog Jack whiled away many Saturday Afternoons. And I never got tired of looking at the Illustrations the one that I remember most is the two little girls looking out the back of the covered wagon while their little dog trotted along beneath....

When I got into Jr. High it was Go Ask Alice, My Darling My Hamburger, Mrs. Mike that I borrowed from my friends. I actually picked reading as an elective. The teacher Mrs. Johnson said "Suzie, you read great why are you in my class?" I said "Because I love to read, tell me what to read." So I read the Classics, The Call of the Wild, A tale of two Cities, Jane Eyre, some Science Fiction , Fahrenheit 451, the Illustrated Man, This Perfect Day. A little Romance, Wuthering Heights and Love Story.

I loved the school library and would hang out and talk to the Librarian. I was good at looking things up, I could use the card catalogue and knew the Dewey Decimal System ( but I don't remember it now unfortunately I wander the library now like a lost kid trying to find what I'm looking for squinting to read the numbers.) but every week I'd go in and talk to the Librarian about what I had read and she'd have two or three books for me. To Kill a Mockingbird made me fall in love with Harper Lee and  I read Tolkein, C.S. Lewis, those books took me out of my chaotic life and into adventures and places where I was brave and strong and could wield a sword and fight evil instead of being a insecure, emotional, and lonely kid.

Of course I was curious about S-E-X and when I babysat for this Hip young couple and had put the kids to bed I'd sneak into the bookcase and read Everything you wanted to know about Sex *but were afraid to ask, and Our Bodies Ourselves. When I would tell my friends about what I read we would all giggle and laugh and could not BELIEVE that stuff. It said to get naked take a mirror and look at your WHAT? And we would roll over holding our sides and thinking those people must be nuts.

When I got into High School I discovered a writer named Stephen King who opened up a whole new avenue of stories. I spent many nights deliciously scared and sad when it was over but could not wait for the next horrible tale! When I did my Senior Oral book Report in English the room was dead silent as I told the story of the town of Salem's Lot and the vampires who invaded.  It was only supposed to be a hour but the teacher let me tell the rest of the story the next day and everyone sat like they were watching a play. That awakened in me a longing to be a good story teller to hold a audience in thrall, under a spell of attention because of a good story, that's powerful.

As I grew older I became interested in Biographies. I read about the Presidents, Abe Lincoln, Jack Kennedy, I grew to love the art of Frida Kahlo, Picasso, the Impressionists from the beautiful coffee table books I would check out and pore over. Who needs TV when you can look at art?

Of course I married a man who loves to read and had a boy who I read to even when I was pregnant. You will always find us with either a book, a magazine, or reading on our space age Kindle or I-pad.

But I can tell you this. Reading has made me a person, or great imagine and curiosity, a lover of a good story, classic, or modern, and a believer in the magic of becoming someone else. No matter where you  are, no matter whether man, woman, or child.

You can go places and do things, see people and great countries, even other planets, and never leave your chair.

So turn of the TV, step away from the computer, make yourself a drink, crack a book, and have an adventure....


  1. Suzie: I LOVED your blog about reading. It sounds so familiar to me. We (my siblings and parents) were HUGE readers. We didn't have a television, but every Saturday, Mom and Dad would go to town and I was dropped off at the public library. I remember being allowed to check out the maximum of 30 books for two weeks. I would get 30 books and DEVOUR them in one week.

    I now use my Kindle app on my iPad, but still love to read. Our daughters both continually to read all kinds of books as well as instilling a love of reading in our grandchildren. Let the legacy continue! BTW...I PROMISED my youngest daughter that I would read the Harry Potter series. I'm now on book four and LOVING it. I also promised I would read them BEFORE watching any of the movies. :-)

    Your neighbor - Melodie

  2. OHHHH..I read a great quote that so sounds like you (and me, currently). "When I become brave, I'll let you know. Until then, I'm going to do a lot of awesome things scared out of my mind." John Acuff

  3. Really loved this and could relate. My mom would drop us off at the library every Friday while she did grocery shopping at the A&P. I just loved doing that and she instilled that love of reading in us. Loved reading about your reading journey. I feel sorry for people who say they don't like to read.

    1. I cant imaginenot reading what an empty life...

  4. I lived at the library as a kid and when I was in my late twenties I went up there so much I had people asking if I worked there! Sounds like us girls had a lot in common. Nanci I dont know if you have a ereader but they are awesome for travel because last time I took a trip I was in the car and got teased about my walmart bag full of paperbacks. I borrowed a friends Kindle for a trip on a plane and loved it.
    Mel I love that you have passed the love of reading to those grandbabies! And your right I LOVE that quote I'm going to use it well and often!

  5. How perfect for Read Across America Week! It doesn't matter how big or small your town is, if you have can go anywhere. Love it.

  6. Brandi I didnt know it was read across America week when I wrote that!