Monday, February 24, 2014

i love the 80s


It was the best of times it was the worst of times.

It was a helluva time in the 80's.

That girl next to me? She was my best wingman. I know its not PC to say wingman but I don't really care so MEH.

We have some great stories.

We had watched the movie "Risky Business" while getting ready to go out for the evening. We were being silly, I had the bathroom sign I had nabbed from some bar and we all took turns getting our picture made with our sunglasses on in honor of Tom Cruise and his Ray Bans.

So me and "Wingman" ( I will keep her real name out of it since she's all grown up  and everything and probably will kill me for this story ) are in the car getting ready to get out and go into Russells which was a pretty happenin place in the day. I say "Here wear your sunglasses into the bar lets pretend like your blind and see what happens." She was such a good sport and pretty much let me talk her into anything so she stuck them on and we walked in the lobby and stopped at the door to the club. There was this big guy, foreign,  new, working the door. We will call him BFNG to keep the convo straight.

BFNG: Hi ladies I need to see your driver liscense please.

Me: Um well I'm the only one who can drive so I'll give you mine.

BFNG: Wheres hers?

Me: Um Seriously? She DOES NOT DRIVE. I point at the glasses and mouth "can't see"

Wingman is keeping such a straight face it looks like she's deaf too. I'm the one having a hard time not laughing my butt off.

BFNG looks like he just ate something bad. He's all "Oh hey just go on in and have a great time how about some free drinks?  He hands me a wad of free drink tickets and awkwardly pats Wingman on the back as we go in.

We go in and walk to a corner where he can't see us and die laughing.

I say" Oh my God you should have seen his face!"

She says "I DID !"

Which makes us laugh even more. Our favorite waitress comes over and when we tell her about it she comments with "He's pretty but not much upstairs I guess!"

I requested "I wear my sunglasses at night  and we dedicated it to the BFNG and when he heard it we waved at him from the dance floor, Wingman still had her glasses on in fact wore them all night like she was a movie star...

As we were leaving and walked past BFNG I said "Do you like jokes, I have a good one." He says "Sure." So Wingman takes her glasses off and says "See you later." and winks at him.

Poor BFNG. Hornswoggled by two wild and crazy American Chicks.


  1. This made me laugh. I love girl times!

    1. Me and wingman had some adventures baby what about you?