Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Everytime We Say Goodbye...

I have never been good at change. Especially when it come to people.  And saying goodbye.

And when people I really like move away its SO HARD.

When we moved to our home in 2009 I realized a dream. We actually lived in a neighborhood where

 all of our neighbors were our friends.  We spent time together having cook outs and game nights,

park clean ups. All the social stuff was really fun. But I also knew if I needed something I could

count on them.

When the big tree branches fell off in a storm we could get some help and a chain saw.

My car broke down no problem someone would go get Conor.

Need a cup of flour, an egg, a hug, just go across the street.

And I learned how to BE a good neighbor too.

Checking on my neighbor Fred from Malaysia to make sure he knew what to do when the tornado

sirens went off. Making sure to visit with my elderly neighbors next door asking if they needed any

thing from the store ( but I was really making sure they were OK ),  taking care of  someones dogs

so they could go on a trip.

I really have a relationship with them. I see their kids get bigger,  graduate,  marry, have babies.

We laugh and cry and support each other we have a bond .

So when they move even if its a happy thing, a good thing, it always makes me feel a little lost.

I hate saying goodbye. Maybe because the older I get the more I realize how precious our

time here is. How quickly it goes by. And I want to tell them YOU WILL BE MISSED.

That every time I go by your "place" I will have a little tug at my heart, and have a little smile when I

think of our good times, and I will hope that whoever moves there will love our neighborhood and

we can make new memories with them.

But still, YOU WILL BE MISSED....

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