Monday, January 6, 2014

The Best Part

Our heater quit at 6:30 PM yesterday. Of course a Sunday night is when it decides to do it.
When a Artic Front is coming and its colder than its been in 30 years.
 The heater guy comes out and says "Yep your motor seized up gonna have to put one in but can't do it til tomorrow when I can get the new one."

Rats. So we did what Okies are used to doing and hunkered down.
Now don't get me wrong lots of good people offered us shelter from the cold. But this had happened to us before about three years ago before we had the new system put  in the house when we first moved in and we were without heat for almost 3 weeks. So we knew what to do and figured we could handle it for one night.

We lit the gas fireplace.

I put 3 blankets down for each dog.

We put four quilts on our bed and two blankets , a North Face sleeping bag and flannel PJs on Conor.

He looked like a cross between Jabba the Hut and a Caterpillar.

I was nice and warm all night under the four Quilts,  I could barely roll over but I was warm.

Six AM rolls around I get up and they robo call to let us know they canceled school. I'm up  so I go check Conor. He is a frozen frog. He had not crawled back in his sleeping bag at some point. So I get him  out of bed, stuff him in between me and Larry to get him to thaw and we all go back to sleep.

After Larry gets ready to go to work he hollers upstairs "Its 45 on the thermostat down here. "

Let me tell you it did not feel 45.

Probably because it was 2 degrees this AM outside.

I got up to let the dogs out and feed them and it was a meat locker. I went back upstairs put on two more long sleeved shirts, a sweatshirt, two pair of socks, a scarf and a hat.

I looked like the little kid from A Christmas story. I'm standing in front of the fireplace slowly rotating like a Wal-Mart chicken and I look over and my little Yorkie Robyn is sitting in a patch of sunshine shivering.

So I get him and shove him in my sweat shirt with only his head poking out.

Conor is on the couch in his sleeping bag with blankets piled on him.

I'm thinking to myself "I can't feel my feet, my fingers or my nose."

The heater guy comes and replaces the part and is done really quick. We turned that sucker up but we still went back upstairs and hunkered down under all those covers in all of our layers of clothes, and Conor in his sleeping bag,  and we didn't thaw out til about four.

But I'm not going to complain because there was a best part.

The good part was getting the heat back on.

The best part was watching the first Season of Downton Abbey with my son.
It was like a all day slumber party piled up under all those blankets watching our show.

It might have been a record cold day, but it was warm as Miami in my heart...

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