Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sparkle and Shine

Once upon a time I was invited to a Royal birthday party. It was a lovely affair where we all got to wear crowns and pay homage to the lovely Princess.  Every one of us got a crown.You know even when we grow up inside of us is still a little girl who likes to feel good and look pretty.

When I was little I would watch Disney every Sunday night so I could see the Disney Princesses.
I also never missed the Miss America pageant. Those sparkly dresses and those sparkly crowns.
And the Rodeo Princesses so fancy with their crown on their hat and those high prancing ponies.

And in Jr. High and High School when they would crown the various girls for Homecoming or the sport of the month and they would have on their long dress and crown. *sigh*

I always felt a little sad because I missed out on that I guessed it was only for the lucky few.

And as I got older I  just tucked all of those thoughts away inside of a cedar chest with a dried up corsage and a napkin from a fancy restaurant from when we went to the Jr. Prom which was a disaster, it poured and even though I had spent hours on my hair when you have naturally curly hair and its pouring well, lets just say I was Janis Joplin hair girl with mud on her dress and shoes. It was not the magic night I had imagined at all....

So many many years later I was out and about and one day at the thrift store I saw in the case in front of me a tiara. It had the pointed front and a little pearl dangling off of it. I picked it up and looked at it and smiled. Yes you guessed it I bought that Tiara.

And I wear it.

In fact I went out with my BFF'S from Jr. High one night and wore it. There we are in all of our sparkly glory.

Because you see inside of all of us is a a little girl who likes to dress up and feel pretty. And you just have to let her out every once in awhile...

Long may she run *sparkleandshine*


  1. I have a crown collection! One is fancy, like yours, and the others I have gathered from party stores. Our writing group uses them to celebrate wins at the OWFI contest. I agree there is something festive and magical about a tiara!

  2. Lisa I'm sorry i didnt see this right away! I agreeee you should cebrate and a tiara is the perfect way to do it. Next all I need is a feather boa;)