Saturday, January 11, 2014

Girls and Boots

Girls and boots

I saw this photo in a cabin in Round Top Texas that was built in the 1700's. As I looked at these fresh faced flowers of the west I wondered about what they were like. Clearly they were a fashionable western attired bunch with the big hats and girlish clothes but just dusty enough and they all had hat hair so they weren't just walking around with hats to be cute. You could tell they were all at some sort of event together.

I like to think they were all best friends. Especially the little one in the middle. Sort of a Wild West Show team. They all look happy well except for the one in the vest. Maybe her feet were hurting and she was ready for a beer.

 When I was little I always loved horses and boots and hats and wanted to be Dale Evans and ride around on a Palomino with fancy saddles and sing songs with Roy Rogers. That's what I thought being a cowgirl was. But you know what I think this is a little closer to the truth.  A bunch of girls at the end of the day who love horses, love to ride and are ready to go whoop it up around a table with a pitcher of beer and some fried chicken...


*If anyone knows the story behind this picture I'd love to hear it...

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