Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Don't be a turtle


"We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope."

Martin Luther King Jr.

For the last couple of weeks I have had several conversations with people where I have heard how

disappointed they are.

Disappointed because:

they didn't get what they wanted for Christmas

they didn't get a raise

something they planned fell through.

But the number one reason I hear is SOMEONE disappointed me.

I started thinking about how that happens. Its usually when we expect a certain behavior from

somebody, right?

We BELIEVE they will do a certain thing.

Maybe they even say they will do it.

And then they don't.

And we EXPECT a different outcome and EACH time they disappoint us.

And with that disappointment comes feelings of hurt, sadness, anger, and shame.

So what do you do? Its tempting to just give up.

Just give up on everything and everyone, because if you do that then you won't get hurt.

If you expect the least then at the least your not surprised right?

But I have found when I do that choose that, I wake up in the morning with no hope.

No gladness in a new day, no joy at what surprises may come, only me wrapped in the rock hard

turtle shell
of self preservation. And when you wrap yourself up like that nothing bad can get in. But

nothing can get out either. You cannot let go of all those negative feelings because they are all piled up

on top of each other getting heavier and heavier and all that mess of disappointment...

Its really unforgiveness.

Because when you don't forgive those people who have hurt you they are not the one suffering under

the burden YOU ARE.

And when you are all wrapped up in that mess of disappointment and unforgiveness guess what else...

Nothing good can get in either.

Sometimes you have to let it go every day. Sometimes you have to say to yourself everyday "I forgive

this person for what they did."

I'm not saying let them hurt you over and over I'm saying acknowledge the hurt, the disappointment

forgive and let it go.

Because in the end don't you REALLY want to have that hope in good, in kindness, in truth, in love?

Because in the end all we really have in this world is that's sustaining is hope.

Listen to that  little voice at the beginning of the day that says "Today I will believe in the good and

look for it, I will seek out and reflect on the goodness in my day and cast aside the disappointment as a

lesson learned."

Peace to you and HOPE as well...