Wednesday, January 1, 2014

And then Somehow...

When I got my first apartment my roommate and I,  we had a huge blow out New Years  Eve party.
Being a bunch of  18 year old kids somehow we got beer,  and  somehow ended up wearing
McDonald's party hats and carrying my roommate around like she was a plank of wood, and somehow
having a Twinkie eating contest which my friend Brian won when he crammed 12 Twinkies  into his
mouth at once.

When I was in my twenties I was having a big ole  party and my then boyfriend Dirk somehow never
showed up and I had to act like it was no big deal ,when actually I was embarrassed and hurt and
wanted to punch him in the face but instead drank allot of red beer and somehow  took all my friends
across the street to crash my friends Clarence and Susan's party where they were dancing to James
Brown and playing the piano and dancing their asses off . Then when we went back to my place my
Best friend and her boyfriend somehow got in a fight and I made him leave the party because he was
being a racist ass. I chased him out of my door with a broom because he pushed her and then he pushed
me and then I somehow tried to punch him in the face so he finally left. Unfortunately he also took her
purse and we had to go to his house the next day and get it where he acted like a ass again and  kicked
my car as I drove out of the drive way and I somehow almost ran over him.

I spent the night at a friends apartment on the beach and all 20 of us watched the sun come up over the
water while we drank Champagne out of Crystal flutes and somehow we were all barefoot and glamerous standing in the surf  but still  wearing  our fancy party clothes with the the morning sunrise glinting off the water and our rhinestones...

In my thirties I spent most of my New Years with my then boyfriend who somehow then became my
husband. In the millennium New Years I was at my sisters party and 7 months pregnant and somehow
flashed the video camera my big ole preggo belly where I written Happy New Year in Red Lip Liner
and blue eye liner.

Then somehow I quit drinking very much on New Years Eve ( in fact didn't drink at all mostly)
probably because I hated waking up with a hangover and dealing with anxiety because I somehow
couldn't remember what I had done the night before because I have killed too many brain cells
SOMEHOW over the last 35 years.

One thing that has remained consistent ( with the exception of a New Years Day where the roads were
so icy I couldn't get out and ended up with chips and salsa) is that I somehow always end up eating
Mexican food in some form on New Years Day. Whether it was a great place or fast food it always
happens  with the Mexican food.

In my life now I somehow ended up with a chef who makes homemade tamales that are over the moon. 

And somehow as I take that first bite it fills me with a sense of spicy hope for the arrival of the new


Peace out and Tamales for everybody...

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