Thursday, December 5, 2013

Oh Chrismas Tree Oh Christmas Tree....

The Christmas tree debacles.

I have heard some great Christmas tree stories from my husband.

When he was a teenager he was putting the REAL Christmas tree up in the room for his mom.

He had to haul it up the stairs, covered in sap sticking to everything clothes, hair, skin...

Then he had to put it up for her.

If I remember correctly he was underneath it trying to adjust the little watering pan when a rat fell out of

the tree onto him and caused mass hysteria in the house. He screamed trapped under the tree with a rat

on him, his brother screamed and ran away leaving Larry to deal with the rat.

 I don't know who was more scared Larry or the rat. I wish someone could have caught that on film.

I bet it was better than Christmas Vacation.

The other great story was when his Mom talked him into putting lights up in the Palm Tree outside of

the Florida house. Now just in case you didnt know most palm trees are not like the ones you see that

are all smooth and easy to get up. Like in the movies? NOPE,  Nope. This one had rough bark and

stickers all over it and the fronds were really poky and it was TALL. After hours spent in that tree,

swearing and sweating and covered in scratches his Mom had her twinkly Palm Tree and was happy.

Right after we were married we took my Mom to Guthrie to buy her a real tree. We found the perfect

little tree and Larry wrestled it in to the trunk and bungee corded and hogtied it in.

He then carried it into the trailer and after moving it around three or four times to find the "right spot"

he got it in the living room and cut the string holding it. When those branches came down it was so

round and full there was hardly any room left for us. But he stayed there all day with me and helped my

Mom get all her decorations out and do the tree. Afterwards we all stood back and admired that perfect

tree and I looked at my husband who glanced over the top of my Mom's head ( who was just gushing

about her tree) and gave me a wink and a smile. After we got in the car I thanked him for helping and

he said "Hey that was the easiest tree ever!"

The things boys will do for thier moms...

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