Saturday, December 28, 2013

Grandma Power

Bobbie and Conor
So Christmas Day was winding down everyone was gathering thier stuff together to go home. All of us big girls ( my sisters)  were in the living room and one of the kids got in trouble for being sassy to thier Mama from me ( it takes a sassy to know a sassy right? Am I right?) . My Mom jumps in and declaring absolute matriarchial power stops us from getting onto the sassy pants declaring not everybody gets to get onto her at once because Grammas are always right you know when it comes to the  grandkids.

Thats why I am so glad of my moms special Grandma powers. She has known my son literally since the day he was born. He stayed with her all the time when he was a baby and I worked. They are ABSOLUTE BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. And thats the way it should be. Every kid should have a gramma who thinks they are perfect and amazing and will have a adventure whether they are at the comic book store, or watching Dr. Who or just turning somersaults in the grass because Gramma will cheer like they are in the Olympics.

My mom never misses a play even though the place was like 1000 degrees inside, comes to every concert and takes Conor on dates as often as he is out of school. She calls him and talks to him on the phone all the time. She always asks if he can come stay with her when he's out of school and sometimes its bonus and he gets all the cousins too.

Because of her super Gramma powers I never worry about him when he's there. I know he's safe. He's happy. He is having a good time.

So its been quiet around here. The only yelling was me and Larry fussing over how to put the sheets on the bed the other night. I watched a little TV with Larry and then headed upstairs. But before I went to bed   I stopped and looked at Conors bed and saw a little bear my Mom had given him on his birthday. A little green Shamrock bear. It will remind him of her. I thought about how wonderful it was that those two they are bonded forever. Because even when she is not here anymore Conor will always have those memories and that love she gives him will still be there because SUPER GRAMMA POWERS last forever.....

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