Monday, December 30, 2013

Gone Baby Gone 2013

Time to think about the good the bad and the ugly of this past year.

The good,  well I did two big things in my do epic shit list, I did the COLOR ME RAD 5K with my

boy and I performed an original piece of writing in the First "Listen To Your Mother Show " in OKC.

That ranks right up there with gettin married and having a baby in my book.

All my homegirls were there and my hubby and son who had been my biggest cheerleaders!

My Texas folks and Florida girls got to come visit and they are a entertaining bunch for sure. Except for

Suni falling into the rose bush that part was not fun for anybody.

My Cousin Karen and her Hubby came through Oklahoma and it was so good to connect with my

Dads side of the family. They are lovely people and I'm sorry they live so far away in Yankee land.

 Had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Texas and all my family and my good friend Dolly came to my

house for Christmas day dinner.

I am relearning to live in the moment and be spontaneous like when I was a kid sometimes I forget how

fun that was because I'm so busy worrying about what might happen and being prepared in case

something goes wrong. Working on that one. Learning to trust. Learning to trust God and my own

heart to tell me when to say this is OK but this is not.

The bad. Well I guess Conor falling off the bridge and getting the concussion was the baddest thing. He

had a concussion and being in the ER with him and him not knowing for sure what month it was and

his scared little face that was bad.  Him just resting for 6 weeks he thought that was bad. We laid on my

bed and I read to him allot to keep him entertained that first two weeks ( but that belongs in the good

part*wink*) he hated not being able to skateboard, swim, and climb trees so he was hard to keep still.

But it could have been even more bad and it wasn't which I'm so grateful for.

This was Conors year for concussions, horrible sunburns, Sinus infections, hand sprains and thumb


The ugly.... I don't know if anything really ugly happened but I spent more than my share doing the

ugly crying this year.

Its been a emotional year, my son is a teenager and wants to push those boundaries, I have to deal with

counselors and teachers at his school and its always a delicate dance of how to be firm and assertive but

polite too, when you really want to go charging in like a Rhino...

Finding the balance for allowing him to work things out or stepping in.

Also learning to not depend on others for affirmation, being patient  with myself and others , setting

boundaries, giving myself and others grace. The grace of  releasing of my expectations, my ideas  of

how relationships and  friendships should be and letting go of that. Giving space and grace I need that

tattooed on my forehead.

Realizing growth is messy and kind of like a garden that gets torn up and tilled to bring out the bad so

the good can grow.

So here's a big Thank you to all the good, the bad, and the ugly that makes up my life because it softens

those edges and makes life shiny like a big ole diamond.

And a thank you to you, all of you have come in to shape this year of 2013 because as my friend Skip

says "When the student is ready the teacher will come." And aren't we all just doing both of those things

for each other? I love y'all, all y'all.

Hope your new year goes out with a big, bright, sparkly, BANG<3


  1. So glad I got to be a part of your good!

  2. Brandi I will never forget it you or the eye of the tiger!