Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A friend for the end of the world

This week because of school being closed for snow days I got to hang out with my son.

We did some housework ( he helped me and I was behind him watching him lift some things into the


we read, drank hot cider, and watched a movie called "Looking for a friend for the end of the world."

I had been wanting to see it and he INSISTED on watching it with me. My boy will watch

romance/comedy with me where his Dad usually won't. Larry opted out with "I don't wanna watch

something depressing about the end of the world." So Dad went to bed and Conor I started watching.

it had some very funny parts where we died laughing  but then came a part of the movie where their is a

sacrifice of such love and kindness, a reconciliation between father and child ( which I have some huge

daddy issues and those things always move me deep inside) and a selfless act of love I of course burst

into tears and sob hysterically on the couch.

Conor: "Mom I told you it had a part you were gonna cry."

Me:" I know,  I know, its just oh now he's alone again and its the end of the world and WAAAHHHH."

Conor: "Mom its going to be OK."

Me: "I know sniff- jerk- breathe,  I know,  its just WAAAHHHH."

Conor gets out of his chair comes to the sofa with the box of Kleenex and leans over to me putting my 

head on his shoulder and patting me on my back while I cry. All the while he says "Mom it will be OK 

it all works out I promise." I blew my nose, pulled myself together  and restarted the movie. Then he 

hands me the Kleenex box plops next to me and puts his arm around me for the rest of the movie.

I rested my chin on top of his head and thought  about how this time his comforting had been different.

He sounded like a adult. His kneeling posture, his gentle strength, his calm voice. The table has turned

a bit. He will always be my child but tonite he stepped up and became my SON.  A glimpse of the fine

man he will be. I prayed that he would be able to be like that with his wife and children. gentle, strong,

kind, loving.

Oh and he was right. It did all work out beautifully at the end...

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  1. Your a blessed person with your family. In the top picture I see eyes that are the same. I look in the mirror and see them again.