Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Love and Eagles

This happened

I have always loved the Eagles. I had the first album and would babysit, clean house , wash cars,  whatever odd jobs I

could do to get  enough money to buy the next album.

When I got old enough to go to concerts I'd do anything to get to go.

 And that was  back in the olden days before computers and cell phones and ticket master back when you had to go to

the ACTUAL SOUND WAREHOUSE to get tickets and  we camped out.

 They went on sale at 10:00A.M. on Saturday at the

Record Store.

  So we went and got in line at midnight on Friday night,  bundled in our sleeping bags and our food and our beer and our cigarettes and  our other,  well never mind about THAT.

And it was a EPIC party.

 The KATT was there and KXXY and we were all dancing and singing and hanging out.


Even though it rained for a couple of hours, and we were all piled on each other like a stack of puppies  and we had to

take turns sitting in the teeniest Honda car ever  warming up and wandering off to  use

a porta potty ( which I have always hated)  it was a magic time of camaraderie and memories made and I always felt like

The Eagles songs were a sort of gospel of sorts explaining life and love.

So when we got to go to this concert it brought back so many memories and for a while I was 18 again only instead of

lighters there were cell phones,  nobody was smoking herb or cigarettes,  nobody was passed out in the walkway,  and

we and the band were a lot older.

But listening to the song Desperado brought the same kind of enlightenment( specifically about love)

that night as

when I was 18 with these lines,

"You know the queen of hearts is always your best bet"

"Now it seems to me some fine things have been laid upon your table"

"Don't your feet get cold in the winter time"

Love is taking a chance<3

Love is home<3

Love is comfort<3

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  1. There is no one like the Eagles. They will always be the best. So thats how you spent your Friday nites when you were supposed to be at the library studying with your friends. Just kidding.