Wednesday, October 2, 2013

the mask

WHO is that?

We all hide at some point

Recently I have been doing a lot of thinking about how we don't  speak to each other much anymore. 

I'm guilty. Sometimes I'm busy or doing something and don't want to be interrupted or about to go to sleep and its just 

easier to send a text or a email to the person I'm thinking about than to call them and then actually speak to them about 

whatever  the thought or idea or answer to a question might be . 

But one of the problems is the nuance of speaking is lost,  the feeling, the inflection, so much information that's passed 

just through the actual voice. 

I have been dealing with my sons teachers by email. I have found that some of them are very concise and pass 

information on very effectively. Others leave me bewildered like I just witnessed a flying saucer  in front of my car.  

After emailing five or six times I think, "This would be so much easier if I could just SPEAK to them and make sure I 

understand what they are telling me."  But I understand they have been dealing with kids and school all day they need a 

break from face to face and that's why you make an appointment if you want to talk. I totally get it.

And I have good friends that I keep up with by text and face book.  It makes it easier to stay in touch you can send a 

funny picture or pass on news or say I need a virtual hug I'm having a crappy day and they can all jump in and reach out.

We have girlie get togethers about three times a year and get caught up on our stuff and have a great time acting like we 

all are in Jr. High again. 

But recently we all got into a serious   confrontation about expectations of friendship ( which is another blogpost) we 

were all messaging back and forth and it got heated up and I thought to myself "THIS is not a discussion for 

face book for Gods sake, this is a knee to knee , face to face, heart to heart  discussion we should all be having with each 

other not talking  about on a computer!" I decided to let it be known in the most loving way I was not going to discuss 

serious shit like that unless we were all together.  It was pretty quiet after that. 

I read recently that even with social media people are more depressed and lonly than ever because they don't actually 

SEE anybody. Its a sense of disconnection because of how we are all hiding behind a mask of technology for a better 


I don't want to be behind that mask of anonymity. So if  I call you its because I want to have a heart to heart voice to voice maybe even face to face knee to knee gift of your time, your thoughts, your presence. Because isn't that what it truly is 



  1. I believe in a face to face, heart to heart, knee to knee, nose to nose, forehead to forehead communication. So anytime you want to have any of this just let me know. <3

  2. Who is this? Cause I think thats awful sweet:)

  3. It's crazy how technology has totally changed how we communicate! But, then when we have those face-to-face meetings, people still tend to be glued to their devices instead of fully-being there. I miss being able to enjoy my friends' company without the constant interruption of cell phone (texting and social networking). Enjoyed reading your post!


  4. Right on. I went to a conference recently that mentioned parents were taking there kids to be evaluated because they thought something was wrong--but it's not. An entire generation is losing verbal skills. Evolution? Maybe. But I'm with you. I like to hear the tone of the voice. Depending on the source, something like 70% of communication is body language. No wonder misinterpretations occur online. Even a hand-written letter can convey mood through script. Fonts? Not so much.