Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Butler Trailer 2013 Oprah & Forest Whitaker Movie - Official [HD]

 Today I took my Mom and my 13 year old son to see this movie.

As we watched I cried.

 I cried A LOT.

I cried that so many people had to suffer for the right to not be treated less than animals.

That when I was born and a little girl they were STILL fighting to be treated as equals.

 I am disturbed that so many of the young people of these times do not understand the sacrifices that were made for them to have the freedoms that only FIFTY years ago were still being fought for.

 I think everybody ESPECIALLY young people  should go see this.

Should go and understand it was not just the Freedom Riders, and Martin Luther King and Malcolm X who were the movers of this time.

 It was the hard working people who worked to bring about change with dignity and quiet force like this man who was THE BUTLER....

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