Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mullett Stalking

The Roadie Mullett. Found in a music oriented habitat such as Bars, or Concerts. Is reclusive but can be drawn out with musical instruments and electronics.  Most often will be seen in the company of other males of the species peeping out from backstage or around equipment trying to single out intoxicated females who can be lured into thier dens with promises of getting backstage to meet Lynard Skynard.

Papa Mullett
Mama  Mullett.
Spotted in Flea Markets, Big family parties, Parks, and bodies of water.  They are are very proud of thier offspring and will gather in large groups every weekend  with many family members always singing the song of thier people loudly. Also love to swim and can be seen with pods of little ones  hanging off their  bodies as they rise from the water.

The Elusive 70s

The friendliest of the species  they are spotted often wearing the same tribal clothing for years usually levis and rock and roll concert t-shirts.  Though they do come out in the day to forage,  they tend to gather in groups in dark bars with lots of bikes parked outside and  will be seen performing intricate mating rituals the playing of air guitar and drums and  of trading dances for drinks of the alcoholic type with females of the Elusive 70s tribe. The female is distinguished from the male by physical endowments displayed with cleavage, tight jeans,  elaborate face painting consisting of lots of liner and wearing a dowery of rings on every finger.

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