Monday, August 12, 2013

Doing Epic Shit: The Yoga Class

So I love yoga but because I was trying to be SUPERMOM/WIFE/PETMOM

I let my practice slide. I found myself sore, sad, and impatient.

 When I did make it to class I'd be giddy I was so glad to be there. It was hard not to smile the entire time.
I'd make it just enough to feel awesome for a couple of days.  Then that slide back down to grumpy, stiff, yuckiness.

SO I had a little come to YOGI meetin with myself this weekend and decided NOT PUTTIN MYSELF on the backburner anymore.

Now then  I have to do modified versions of poses because of my knees and my size but today it was like I was Posessed by the most awesome bendy NESS! I was like a ballet dancer and Ghandi all rolled into one ( if they were a round middle aged pasty woman) it was a woopwoop moment. A place of quiet joy mixed with brief moments of I don't know how much longer I can do this and I hate when sweats gets in my eyes and I wonder if anyone can see my pants creepin up my butt.

I did this which has always been really hard for me because I have trouble with my knees but today I DID IT! It was hard, but it happened!

And then I flowed ( sort of if you call the crab scrabble flowing) into down dog I was so excited Ive never flowed and Ive never been able to sustain it for long  if I hadn't been concentrating so hard on staying up and breathing (and not letting my belly hang out) so I didn't flop on my face I'd have done a little happy jig.

 And then finally the BIG BIG TRIUMPH getting the brick under my ass all by myself today in the bridge pose! Its really hard to get my butt up very high and usually Yogi Sandi has to come over and time it just right where I give a big push and she quickly pushes the brick under sort of like labor and delivery if you have ever been there but but but but today I DID IT MY OWN SELF! It was all I had to keep from screaming "TAKE THAT YA SUMBITCH I DID IT ALL BY MY OWN SELF HA!

And I actually was able to do it better than usual I stayed up and it didn't hurt. My lower back felt funny because it WAS IN ALIGNMENT.

WHile I was leaving ,  I stayed calm til I got in the car and then I was doing a little happy dance and high fiving myself and pushing up the ceiling dance move.  Im celebrating the little things because today I realized THEY ARE THE BIG THINGS.


  1. I'm having a "woopwoop" moment for you right here. I know what it's like to let my practice slide and it's never good. Thanks for the laughs, Suzanne. I've never before heard "TAKE THAT YA SUMBITCH" associated with yoga!

  2. Ah Brandi love most of my life ( after I get off my pity pot) I treat challenges as take that ya sumbitch. Sometimes life bites me BUT BUT BUT sometimes I BITE LIFE;)