Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dogs and Boys

We have friends who have been traveling allot the last 6 months and we  have been doggy sitting their three boy Corgis.
 Conor my son,  is a big help because he just loves them. 
They go outside and play this game called "Bad Sheep" where Conor runs one way around the garage with Zero and Deuce,  and Uno runs the other direction and they all meet in the middle where the three dogs circle around and around barking hysterically while Conor laughs at their long sloppy tongues and short legs  going every which way.

Zero and Conor
 I got to thinking about how ALIKE my boy and these boys are. 

They love to play outside and the dirtier the better. The dogs run right for the mud and  If my kid goes outside he does not even have to roll in it like the dogs do he just walks out and the dirt jumps right onto his clothes and body. Doesnt bother him at all.

They love to jump on people. Zero and Conor  will run up and jump on you or flop on you even if they just saw you five minutes ago. They act like its been a month.

The dogs will just flop down anywhere and so will he.
 I never know where I will find Conor asleep. I have found him in the shower, sitting in a lawn chair, laying by the pool, once I went to the bathroom and came back to bed. It took about an hour before I noticed he crawled into his Dads warm spot and buried himself under the covers.

They are highly food motivated. They will go right into their beds for treats. We use treats to get Zero to do his litany of high five, shake, rolly over, barrel roll.
Zero, Uno, and Deuce
lawn torpedoes
 COnor will do almost anything if it involves his favorite food. Whenever we have to go to the Dr. I always take him to Panera. If I need to run an errand and I know he does not want to go  all I have to say is I'll take you to eat and Conor is in the car in 30 seconds ready to go, waggin his tail, and ready for adventure. He would probably hang his head out the window if I'd let him.

Dogs don't care if your hair looks bad, or you  want to wear pajamas all day and not take a bath, or eat a ketchup sandwich. They will even lick your plate for you. Conor is the same way. Well minus the plate licking.

 And Nobody is as loyal, or happy to see me or always up for affection like my son the puppy<3

Or the Corgis....

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