Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I don't know if you noticed but its been awhile since I have blogged. I have been occupied trying to keep a 13 year old boy entertained when he's not allowed to play video games, go to movies or exercise for two weeks. Its a feat in and of itself. We have watched a lot of TV, had a lot of conversations, had a lot of lunch date shopping trips for boy stuff and taken afternoon naps.

My son fell while walking, just walking across a bridge with no rail . He fell onto a concrete bottom of a creek/drainage area. He could have broken his neck or his back he could have died it could have been really bad. We went from a peaceful summer day to a trip to the ER for X-rays and CT scans. He didn't know the month and was confused about the day. He looked at me with his sad scared eyes while holding a zip loc bag of ice on his head and I smiled and reassured him while inside I just wanted to scream or puke or both. I learned allot about Closed Head Injury and also about another thing they don't really tell you about called contrecoup which is what occurs when basically the head hits a fixed object and then smacks into the other side of the skull on the rebound. grateful his was minor. But still.

 We have spent a lot of time focused on each other and I have discovered this, he is entertaining. He has an amazing mind. I have learned so much about the comic books he likes, the Big Bang Theory ( a TV show he's obsessed with). We have conversations about if you could go live on another planet and have superpowers and be a hero would you do it, the pros and cons of film VS digital and the history of film and movie making and Steven Spielberg compared to George Lucas. He wants to be writer and he likes to tell stories just like his Mama. My son knows so much about so many things he blows me away. He's like a little genius.

When I thought of his brilliant spark being snuffed or his beautiful mind being damaged it was like a 2x4 hit.

OK life you got my attention.

You really really did.

Thank you.

 Color me grateful....


  1. Wow...how horrific that must have been. I'm glad you all are connecting and getting through this. Be sure to research the effect of traumatic brain injury and testosterone as the pituitary can be affected. I know of this because of a friend's son.

  2. Thank you Nanci for the info I will def. read up on it. He seems to be doing well we are so happy he's getting closer to his normal. :)