Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Once upon a time there was this little girl named Suzie. She was almost nine years old and so excited because she was going to Girl Scout Camp.
She wouldn't have to do anything but have fun. So she took her little brown lunch bag and climbed on the bus with a gaggle of little girls she didn't really know and off they went to Cookieland.

When they were on the bus she told somebody she loved the name Nikki so they all called her Nikki all week.

The first day they made cups out of empty orange juice cans and hangers so they could scoop water out of the big bucket to drink which ended up with lots of water throwing and water fights and a big mess but nobody cared because it was SUPPOSED to be like that.

The second day they went to a flower filled area and looked at all the different Butterflies and then came back and made butterflies out of colored paper and pipe cleaners and a little string made of yarn to hang them with and carefully carefully she took it home and hung it on her mirror.

The third day they went and hiked and climbed on rocks that looked like swiss cheese and then went back and patted red dirt into a mound and put handprints in it and poured plaster on it and the leaders said "Dont worry if your hands aren't clean it will look better with the "Pink" dirt in it.

The fourth day they went out into the woods and looked for a turtle for the big turtle race the next day and Suzie found one right along the trail. She called him Zippy and all the girls decorated a special box for him to stay in and fed him lettuce and fruit and they learned all about about Oklahoma turtles and conservation.

The fifth day they had the big race and Zippy was the winner. All the girls got a special ribbon and then they took Zippy to the edge of the woods and let him go. They all got on the bus with thier plaster handprint and a lifetime of memories.

I needed that trip. My parents were splitting up and my Mom scrimped together the money for me to go so I could have something wonderful to sustain me through that time and I still love to think about it...

Now the great news!  Girl Scouts has funds available to provide free scholorships to all girls in 73160 and 73170 zip codes to attend council led Day Camp opportunities this summer.

Two sessions currently planned for the weeks of June 10 - 14 and 17 - 21.

Email mpryor@gswestok.org for all the details and spread the word!


  1. That made my heart all mushy. So sweet.

    We didn't have Girl Scouts. I wanted to be a Boy Scout. I was a Blue Bird instead.

    1. I was a blue bird too. But we moved so much after I was about ten I didnt join anything else. Im making up for it now Im on the neighborhood association and hey Im a LTYM alumni now;)