Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Baby Fever...

Ive always loved babies.           
When I was a little girl about four,  I had baby dolls but I wanted a real baby. 

I dreamed of babys like a kid dreams of ice cream on a summer day.

I begged my Mom for a baby.

Persistant assault like a chinese water torture

It was all I cared about.

I walked up to a lady at Safeway and asked

"Could we borrow your baby for awhile just till we get one of our own?"

Little did I know my mom was growing one just for me.

And I still kiss him right on top of his bald head.

Just like when he was a baby...

my baby brother and his baby boy




  1. How long before you knew that babies don't stay babies?

  2. When he crawled over into my room and pulled the heads off of all my dolls if the world and then puked on my bed. I def. wanted to return him.

  3. So sweet! And what a great mom to grow a baby for you.:)