Sunday, May 19, 2013

Trailer Trash yep thats me

So when I was a kid we moved A LOT.  I dont remember much before I was 4 or so but I do know that my Mom married my Stepdad, got pregnant , and we moved at least 4 times if I recollect correctly..

One was over a bar in downtown Wichita. I liked to sit in the window at night. I'd sneak out of bed and look at the neon sign under the window. Lots of really tall Ladies with big hair, tight dresses and tons of make up going in and out. Sometimes they'd look up and see me and wave. I thought they were so pretty! I wanted to look JUST LIKE THAT... I have loved Neon and drag ever since. 

The next was a little ground floor duplex where I walked back and forth to kindergarten. One time I walked home in the rain because I felt bad and we didnt have a phone. I just got up told the teacher I didnt feel good, put on my raincoat, picked up my Bologna lunch and left. I was just taking care of business, I was a OLD, OLD, five year old.  My Mom opened the door, took off my wet clothes,  and stuck me in the bed with about a million blankets. I was still cold so she got in bed with me and put my baby brother in there too. My stepdad came home and died laughing at all of us asleep in the little tiny bottom bunk..

I still like to be packed in the bed like a sardine.

The next was my first foray in trailer livin. It was a tiny one. I had a pet turtle with my hand stamped on his back in bue paint . Our trailer was about the size of a shoe box,  smelled like cabbage and hamburger and I had the chicken pox that summer. We didnt have a/c it was pretty bad. My mom tried to distract me. She found a tadpole and stuck him in a jar by the bed so I could watch him because we didnt have a TV.  She put me in the bathtub and froze grapes for me to suck on and then shed let me lay in front of the fan and hold my hands so I didnt scratch.

One time I saw a lady mowing the lawn in curlers, a red bra and tight leopard pants. Her husband came home and they got in a fight in the front yard and he made her go in because she was in her bra. In retrospect I believe she may have been drunk but I didnt really care,  I liked her outfit and just sat on my trike and watched the entire thing it was entertaining. But right after that i didnt watch where I was going and got run over by a kid on a mini bike luckily I was not hurt but I was scared i thought he was a biker. In retrospect he might have been twelve...

So I guess when I moved to a trailer park again at 11 it was no big deal because I got EXPOSED so early. And really to me living in apartments was not that much different still lotsa drama just no metal buildings anywhere. Ah trailer park memories how they linger...


  1. I love memoir-type posts, Suzanne! I can totally see a memoir about your fun life one day. :)

  2. You do have a long memory. I had forgotten about the lady cutting the grass in her bra. Also your Uncle Sam ran over your tricycle, you fell in the creek and the little boy from down the street pulled you out and brought you home. Kids would come by and ask if your dad could bring his walkie talkies and come out side and play. And that Sept your baby brother was born and we moved to Manhattan, Ks and lived next door to the bar. We lived up stairs and your dad worked downstairs in the shop. You were a great kid. You went to school in Green Valley. You have always been a great person.