Monday, May 6, 2013

The Songs We Sing

My friend I have not seen since High School, reconnected through the wonderfullness thats Facebook. I invited him to the show. I really wanted him to come and see because he's an artist and I just knew he would love it. He responded with "Of course Im grinning ear to ear!"

After the event I was led off the stage by my son to my pod of family and friends, my husband hugging me like a big bear,  my sisters laughing,  all loving and smiling and excited, and my friend Skip Hill who I hugged like crazy and showed to MY PRECIOUS MOM who smiled and said "I remember you!" Then he slipped away and I was swept off on a wave of love and people and pictures and party...

And I laughed later when I saw a post where he said he was painting because the rent was due...

And then today I saw this and she was beautiful...

"She confessed to Him her inner shame and so many private things that he surely must have already known. She wished her skin was lighter, her nose was thinner and her hair was long, blonde and flowing. She prayed God would make her pretty one day. But the birds knew the Truth...and they swarmed and flocked and gathered in the trees; just to be in her presence."

We had a conversation about it:

Me: "That really touched me."

Him: " Maybe your hug yesterday told me something like that..."

Me: "Dammit now Im crying, my hearts so soft lately."

Him: ...the stories of the women i heard yesterday opened my heart & soul to finish this painting."

Me: "Thats wonderful to hear..."

And so we were the ones who gathered under the tree's to tell our stories and the beautiful birds gathered to hear and we were all  MADE -

Beautiful, Brave, and True by the words we spoke, and the song of our hearts....

Forever changed and inspired and inspiring the world around us  ....

and amen

Listen To Your Mother Show OKC May 5th, 2013


  1. This was beautiful to discover...i loved seeing you across the great gap of time...proud to know ya'!