Wednesday, May 29, 2013


For those of you who don't know my boy goes to a Jr High/High School that has an arts program and a International Baccalureate program. They have a almost 100 % rate of graduates who attend college. They are in the top ten schools in the nation. Its crazy all the stuff they are known for. Its an honor to be chosen to attend this school because so many apply but not many are accepted. Some go for  the academics. Some for the arts and the scholorships that go along with it.

Did I care about all that stuff? Sure. But you know what I cared about most? I cared about the fact that he would get to make music because that what he loves. And whether he plays Brahms or Green Day,  on his Cello he goes to a place inside thats balanced. and fills his heart with joy it quiets his mind and takes him to a new balanced state of being.

                                         But the Academics are an asskicker.

           We had no idea that 6th grade is the weed out year.  For kids AND PARENTS....


Will you have what it takes to slog through all the hours homework thats gonna suck up your summer?

Will you have the stamina to deal with alternating days of classes, keeping a daily journal and a schedule like college carrying books on your back like a little pack mule?

Run the halls with High School kids who are hell bent on ignoring you or squashing like your a bug.

Deal with the 7th and 8th graders  ahead of you who feel the need to initiate you keep you in your place to teach you that you really are on the bottom of the food chain?

Learn to work through the challenge of a classroom where the rules change daily and is as Spock would say totally illogical?

Conor said yes. We said yes.

Conor has spent hours doing tons of homework. Not always turning it in which we found out later but doing it.

We discovered he has test anxiety and have had to learn to work through that.

 He has been up in the A's and down in the D's.

He's had to bond with other kids and create a safe group who call themselves the Nerd Herd.

And some teachers are really helpful, some teachers not so much, who knows why and Im not naming names but I have aged 100 years dealing with them, however we don't gives up, and we don't quits.

The stress has been killer.  Me and Conor have butted heads, cried,  quit speaking and fought but we are almost finished.

So today after I dropped off some papers to his counselor and I walked out the door I realized in TWO MORE days its our summer.

And we can say at least for a little while I DONUT CARE anymore....

And so I celebrated with a donut from Browns Bakery. And it was good.

Right on and Amen

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