Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Listen to your mother first read through and I was a wad of nerves. What was I thinking I was about to basically get naked with all these people I barely knew... Yes I blog but I don't have to LOOK at these people while Im putting it all out there. But.....
I was not the only one. 
So I listened to this song...

What I had not reminded myself of was we would all be doing the same thing and we were in this together - Fear is just a dream and this is real life
And its a big sweet life

with lots of joy

and pain

And doubt


and learning 

And we are more alike than we know

The art of the story is still here.  And for a short time we all are the same and we know ....
We are not alone.
And its a
Big Sweet Life


  1. Fabulous! I just found your subscription thingy on the little thing that pops out when my mouse goes over it. (I thought it was an advertisement and my mouse went over it by accident.) I like this piece.

  2. Barbara I'm so proud of you and I love that you are a subscriber my first one:)