Monday, April 15, 2013

To my Dingo 11/22/2010

Doggy Happiness

My eyes are your eyes, to watch you and protect you and yours.

My ears are your ears, to hear and detect evil minds in the dark.

My nose is your nose, to scent the invader of your domain.

And so you may live my life is also yours.


Where IS that Pizza Man?
I just look scary


  1. He's beautiful! Is he really watching for pizza? We have a German Shepherd, Lucy, who is an absolute wimp but she HATES delivery men! Especially pizza! I have them call me from the driveway so they don't even TRY coming in the gate!

    I liked your FB page and would love it if you would take a look at mine. Trying to make a living from this writing gig and they tell me I need to "increase my reach." Easier said than done! Self promotion is so not my calling!

  2. Hi Beth, she was. The house we lived in had a door with glass insets and she loved to sit like that and look out at the world. We called it Doggy TV> I will def. give your page a look and I always encourage fellow artists!