Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Run with us Boston your Okies now...

Boston. I think of seeds of our Republic, the Boston Tea party, The Red Sox, funny accents, the Boston Marathon the holy grail of runners everywhere...

I think of the way we are bound together now by our experience. The horror and shock at the chaos and destruction. The death and suffering and loss of innocence. Of how they will always be on the guard from now on. Of the mix of emotions how we now share it all.

This week started out with me waiting to pick up my son after school, getting a text that his school was on lockdown because someone saw a backpack and heard ticking in a dumpster near the back of his school. I was so frightened but marched resolutely to the front of his school waiting for them to open the doors. A part of me wanted to kick those doors in storm in and grab my kid and get the hell out of there. After what seemed like hours but was only about 15 minutes they opened the doors and kids who had parents there could leave. I walked in to chaos and noise and kids EVERYWHERE, I searched thinking even if I called his cell he couldn't hear me over all of this. I finally saw him with two of his friends in the hall and took them out to where thier Dad was waiting.

I started off asking Conor,
 "Were you scared?"
He said
" Not really."
I said "I was."
"But Momma you came in the school anyway."
"Yes I did and I would even if thier WAS a bomb."
"Even if you would get blown all up?"
"Yes because I could not live with myself knowing I didn't at least try to save you, because thats what Mommas do..."

And its what Fireman do, and Police Officers, and Bystanders who are just regualr people not expecting to have to do it but automatically do. And thats what inspires me as a human.

So we joined the cheering party on our street for The OKC Memorial Marathon, and to cheer on our Boston family who had come to finish the run they couldn't before.

We made signs and got up while it was still dark and watched as the police escorts came in with flashing lights and just as the sun began to really light it up we saw them start coming around the bend....

And they came wearing Boston t shirts, red socks, baseball caps.
 Joined by a runaway bride and teachers who "run with class" and a guy in a kilt, tutus and full on fatigues with packs on.
They laughed at my Zombie sign, they smiled, they high fived, they  hugged my son, ALL of the somber serious fireman in full bunker gear, the marine running carrying a flag to honor his friend another marine who died in the Murrah Building, the happy , the intense, they all came to run or jog or walk for honor and comrade ship and out of love.

The grace of it all was overwhelming. It was like oceans of grace waves of it...
We yelled and danced and cheered and called to people we knew and called out "run random stranger run" and they called back thank you thank you for being out here for us...

It was a beautiful thing. A thing to remember. I hope that the Boston ten who came to run in our city felt all the love we had for them....

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