Sunday, April 21, 2013


Birds can represent people, I have lots of lovebirds in my life:)
I have many many artist friends and family. Some of them like my friend Skip ( HIP)  Hill look like what I imagine an artist to look like.
Some kinda wonderful
I mean seriously look at this guy. He's coolio just hangin in the STUDio bangin out some art that will make you feel so good you think you have been transported to another Gmention as Conor used to say. 
And his art is another story all in itself.  
Come see:

Then you have artists like me. Just an ordinary lookin kinda girl. Forcing my thoughts and stories and visions onto the planet with a camera and a pen. Oh wait its the computer age OK a MAC then. 

Thats what I love about this world. You never know what kind of talent is laying hiding behind the face thats shown to the world. That guy helping you with your cable bill is a accomplished writer, actor and producer. That girl doing your nails she draws, she writes, she sings. The hot lady Real Estate agent? She sings beautifully in both Spanish AND English. The girl giving you a massage is a freakin Goddess with food. And the banker lady she does everything, magic tricks and magic with parties and magic on your plate. 
You just never know. So heres what I do, I ask! Yep I just ask people I know what do you love to do? What's your passion, WHAT TURNS YOU ON? Its surprising what you will find out about people. They are tricky. Tricky tricky tricky. But most everyone is hiding some special something behind that smile. 
Thats your mission go find out.

 Peace out FOLKS LOVE YA and happy Sunday

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