Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I meant to do that

So I don't write about my job very often but today it was just too good. See I work in a beautiful classy spa doing Facials and waxing. When Im doing a facial I put eye pads soaked in ICE COLD water on thier eyes while the mask is on. Today while I was cleaning up that ICE COLD bowl of water slipped out of my hands and into my lap. My clients laying there relaxing so I can't exclaim any explatives loudly like" holy mother trucker slap the Easter Bunny!"

I jump up and grab a towel but the water is concentrated on the inside of my thighs and right up the crack of my ass. And today would be the day Im wearing light colored jeans .The only thing I can think of is to sit on a towel while I finish the service. So I spend the next 15 minutes with a towel between my legs and sitting on the other one hoping it dries some.

I realize I have to have a plan so I run over and grab the robe and hold it in front of me and help the client put it on. I leave the lights down as I go over her products she's so sleepy she can barely keep her eyes open which is great for me. After she leaves I look in the mirror and its bad. It looks like a diaper blow out. Or like when you forget and sit in a chair thats been in the rain. In any case it aint pretty. I decide Im going to run to the bathroom and try to dry them with the hair dryer, but there is someone in there! Two of my coworkers are in the room and I am slinking past, with my butt against the wall. If it was a show there would be a laugh track because One of the girls says "What are you doing whats wrong with you?" I just nervously say "Nothin?" And sidle guiltily past. I reach over and turn the dimmer switch really low and then  I  lean against the wall til my client comes and then I follow HER to the back and get her all taken care of.

Im doing everything I can to keep her in front of me. As we walk out she says "Gosh its dark in here today." It takes everything I have not to just bust out laughing. I finally get into the room with the hair dryer and turn around and you can't even see it. But I could sure feel it. It felt like when you ride the splash ride at the amusement park. It was miserable. I was so relieved to get home I started taking my pants off on the way up the stairs. If my husband had seen me he would have thought I was having the mother of all hot flashes . I think from now on Im going to wear an apron to do facials. Or wading boots....

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  1. You can be one the classiest ladies I know but your vocabulary is slipping just a bit. That cold water must have been some shock. Apron sounds good to me. Maybe a little black number that goes with everything. Maybe one you can wear backwards sometimes just in case this happens again. Sorry for your mishap.