Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Run with us Boston your Okies now...

Boston. I think of seeds of our Republic, the Boston Tea party, The Red Sox, funny accents, the Boston Marathon the holy grail of runners everywhere...

I think of the way we are bound together now by our experience. The horror and shock at the chaos and destruction. The death and suffering and loss of innocence. Of how they will always be on the guard from now on. Of the mix of emotions how we now share it all.

This week started out with me waiting to pick up my son after school, getting a text that his school was on lockdown because someone saw a backpack and heard ticking in a dumpster near the back of his school. I was so frightened but marched resolutely to the front of his school waiting for them to open the doors. A part of me wanted to kick those doors in storm in and grab my kid and get the hell out of there. After what seemed like hours but was only about 15 minutes they opened the doors and kids who had parents there could leave. I walked in to chaos and noise and kids EVERYWHERE, I searched thinking even if I called his cell he couldn't hear me over all of this. I finally saw him with two of his friends in the hall and took them out to where thier Dad was waiting.

I started off asking Conor,
 "Were you scared?"
He said
" Not really."
I said "I was."
"But Momma you came in the school anyway."
"Yes I did and I would even if thier WAS a bomb."
"Even if you would get blown all up?"
"Yes because I could not live with myself knowing I didn't at least try to save you, because thats what Mommas do..."

And its what Fireman do, and Police Officers, and Bystanders who are just regualr people not expecting to have to do it but automatically do. And thats what inspires me as a human.

So we joined the cheering party on our street for The OKC Memorial Marathon, and to cheer on our Boston family who had come to finish the run they couldn't before.

We made signs and got up while it was still dark and watched as the police escorts came in with flashing lights and just as the sun began to really light it up we saw them start coming around the bend....

And they came wearing Boston t shirts, red socks, baseball caps.
 Joined by a runaway bride and teachers who "run with class" and a guy in a kilt, tutus and full on fatigues with packs on.
They laughed at my Zombie sign, they smiled, they high fived, they  hugged my son, ALL of the somber serious fireman in full bunker gear, the marine running carrying a flag to honor his friend another marine who died in the Murrah Building, the happy , the intense, they all came to run or jog or walk for honor and comrade ship and out of love.

The grace of it all was overwhelming. It was like oceans of grace waves of it...
We yelled and danced and cheered and called to people we knew and called out "run random stranger run" and they called back thank you thank you for being out here for us...

It was a beautiful thing. A thing to remember. I hope that the Boston ten who came to run in our city felt all the love we had for them....

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Birds can represent people, I have lots of lovebirds in my life:)
I have many many artist friends and family. Some of them like my friend Skip ( HIP)  Hill look like what I imagine an artist to look like.
Some kinda wonderful
I mean seriously look at this guy. He's coolio just hangin in the STUDio bangin out some art that will make you feel so good you think you have been transported to another Gmention as Conor used to say. 
And his art is another story all in itself.  
Come see: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Skip-Hill-Art/244830355562291

Then you have artists like me. Just an ordinary lookin kinda girl. Forcing my thoughts and stories and visions onto the planet with a camera and a pen. Oh wait its the computer age OK a MAC then. 

Thats what I love about this world. You never know what kind of talent is laying hiding behind the face thats shown to the world. That guy helping you with your cable bill is a accomplished writer, actor and producer. That girl doing your nails she draws, she writes, she sings. The hot lady Real Estate agent? She sings beautifully in both Spanish AND English. The girl giving you a massage is a freakin Goddess with food. And the banker lady she does everything, magic tricks and magic with parties and magic on your plate. 
You just never know. So heres what I do, I ask! Yep I just ask people I know what do you love to do? What's your passion, WHAT TURNS YOU ON? Its surprising what you will find out about people. They are tricky. Tricky tricky tricky. But most everyone is hiding some special something behind that smile. 
Thats your mission go find out.

 Peace out FOLKS LOVE YA and happy Sunday

Monday, April 15, 2013

To my Dingo 11/22/2010

Doggy Happiness

My eyes are your eyes, to watch you and protect you and yours.

My ears are your ears, to hear and detect evil minds in the dark.

My nose is your nose, to scent the invader of your domain.

And so you may live my life is also yours.


Where IS that Pizza Man?
I just look scary

Only the Nose Knows

Well there have been a lot of mistakes and mishaps, and missteps that I have committed in this lifetime. Who knows how many other ones my Karma is making me work out. I think one mistake I made actually brought out my super creative side.
 My boyfriend in the 70s, his mom  had this candle holder that was black and brown and looked like a tree stump face. You put the candle inside and it would make the eyes glow through. Kind've creepy but fascinating at the same time. She loved that thing and had it displayed in her living room on top of the TV.
Well one Saturday while everyone  was at work I was at thier house doing my laundry and playing with the dog Pepper, throwing this rubber ball around and it freakishly bounced off the dogs nose, hit the top of the TV and knocked that candle holder off. It landed on the carpet face first. The dog ran under the bed and I was mortified. I got out of the chair and picked it up, and yes his nose was  knocked off. Knocked his nose off to spite his face!
 I only had two hours til she would be home. What was I going to do? I could confess and be punished with silence for Lord only knows how long the big freeze out which I didn't relish since it had happened before ( But thats another story) oh no I have to figure something out... I rummaged in the kitchen til I found some super glue and glued his nose back on with it I had to stand and gently hold it in place for about 5 minutes. At one point my fingernail got glued to it and I barely got it off. But then it had a big white mark where it had broken off. Shit Im in trouble now what, I found a bottle of brown nail polish in the bathroom and painted that on the nose but it looked too shiny so  then I went outside and got a little dirt and rubbed that on there. I rubbed with a tissue and filled in all the cracks and then took a black marker and lightly went over it. Well it looked pretty good to me so I put it back on the TV. VOILA MR. BROWN NOSE is fixed.

Two weeks later we were putting our stuff together for a garage sale and I was helping her and saw the candle holder on the table. "What? Your getting rid of Mr. Brown Nose?"
 She said "Yep, I always hated that thing but since so and so got it for me I acted like I liked it but the other day it accidently fell off the TV and his nose broke off so I glued it back and Im going to sell it in the Garage sale."

Guess who bought Mr. Brown Nose? I think he's probably in the attic, somewhere, with his dirty nose...

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Today we had a meet and greet for our Listen To Your Mother show OKC



I was able to put faces with names though I'm ashamed to say I couldn't recall some of them I think I did pretty good.

We bonded over Pizza, and Mimosas and sweet treats. We told funny stories and a little Cliff Notes of ourselves.

We talked about the show and how to do some things.

 We are not all Mothers. In fact one of us started off by saying his name and stating "I have a penis" which sent us off into laughter. I figured he had to be a man or he needed a  wax in the worst way.

I looked around the room at each face and thought "f you could measure life experience with gold in this room it would be up to the windows."

Im going to learn so much, I feel so priviledged to be part of it. I can't wait to share it with you. Its going to be UH-MAZING.

More to come so much more and aint I LUCKY!?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Smells Like Pickles and the Keystone Cops

I mopped today and afterward remembered reading dogs hate the smell of vinegar so decided to get all organic and mop the kitchen floor with it so they might stay out. Still in my PJ's and workshirt  I reached up on the highest cabinet shelf and grabbed the jug. As it tipped into my hand the top popped off, realizing whats about to happen I open my mouth to utter a exclamation like" oops" ( yeah right anyone who knows me knows it would be way worse) and as I breathe in the vinegar splashes out of the jug, into my face and open mouth (where I inhale it ) and all down my arm and front of my workshirt, and onto the floor. I am coughing like someone has sprayed me with pepper spray and the smell euuugghhhh. So i go to the sink and rinse my face and mouth and catch my breath and then just burst out laughing hysterically.I knew that I was a mess. Thank goodness Conor has the TV on or he would have thought I lost my mind. 
After putting whats left of the jug away I just mop up  and realizing my  workshirt is reeking like a deli pickle barrell I take it down to the basement to throw in the washer. While Im down there I hear the neighbors burglur alarm going off. SHIT are you kidding me?
 I throw the workshirt in the wash run upstairs grab my cell phone and a jacket and realize I hear the door opening  Conor is no place to be found. I finally find him with the broom in the driveway. I dont know what he thought he was doing maybe SWEEP the bad guy off his feet ,  but I told him to get in the house before I beat him to death with the broom,  I call 911  I tell them I dont know the house number they ask me for my info and I tell them I will go watch for them at the burglar alarm  house. 
I march off around the corner to the house and stand by the driveway , then my neighbor who lives there  drives up and tells me the alarm company had called him, and I tell him the police should be coming. 
I see the police but she's not seeing me, so I jump up and down waving my hand and arm trying to get her attention and she just passes right by me. What I didnt know was the officer went to our house trying to get the house number and totally freaked poor Conor out he was cowering in the TV room with the dogs thinking the burgler was knocking on the door, My neighbor is on the phone and when he comes near me he looks at me funny and goes back to his back door which resembles a stepped on cardboard box (sheesh whoever did that has Godzilla feet)  and I am trying to tell the 911 dispatcher the address and watching the police car drive by , where I launch into my arm waving dance yet again. You have to realize Im standing in the drive of a house on North Lincolc, about two blocks away from our state capitol building, with tons of cars driving past staring at the crazy redhaired lady in her special outfit waving a cell phone. After talking to My husband who called because Conor called him three times in five minutes and the police officer they finally pull up outside the house. My neighbor and I are standing in the drive when this young pretty amazon police officer pulls out her gun and she and the other officer go into the house. I told my neighbor "hey I like that lamp." and he says" Hey I like that she pulled out her piece!" ( girls and guns does something to guys I guess) and Im laughing at him. The alarm is going off again and it stops and thats  when I hear one of the cops say "smells like pickles." I realize Im dressed in my pjs, houseshoes, a windbreaker ,my hair is crazy AND I am wearing vinegar fresh and punguent. 
I back slowly up and say" Um can I go now my kid is at home..."
Needless to say when I get home and walk in Conor says "You still smell like pickles."
Sheesh no good deed goes unpunished.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I meant to do that

So I don't write about my job very often but today it was just too good. See I work in a beautiful classy spa doing Facials and waxing. When Im doing a facial I put eye pads soaked in ICE COLD water on thier eyes while the mask is on. Today while I was cleaning up that ICE COLD bowl of water slipped out of my hands and into my lap. My clients laying there relaxing so I can't exclaim any explatives loudly like" holy mother trucker slap the Easter Bunny!"

I jump up and grab a towel but the water is concentrated on the inside of my thighs and right up the crack of my ass. And today would be the day Im wearing light colored jeans .The only thing I can think of is to sit on a towel while I finish the service. So I spend the next 15 minutes with a towel between my legs and sitting on the other one hoping it dries some.

I realize I have to have a plan so I run over and grab the robe and hold it in front of me and help the client put it on. I leave the lights down as I go over her products she's so sleepy she can barely keep her eyes open which is great for me. After she leaves I look in the mirror and its bad. It looks like a diaper blow out. Or like when you forget and sit in a chair thats been in the rain. In any case it aint pretty. I decide Im going to run to the bathroom and try to dry them with the hair dryer, but there is someone in there! Two of my coworkers are in the room and I am slinking past, with my butt against the wall. If it was a show there would be a laugh track because One of the girls says "What are you doing whats wrong with you?" I just nervously say "Nothin?" And sidle guiltily past. I reach over and turn the dimmer switch really low and then  I  lean against the wall til my client comes and then I follow HER to the back and get her all taken care of.

Im doing everything I can to keep her in front of me. As we walk out she says "Gosh its dark in here today." It takes everything I have not to just bust out laughing. I finally get into the room with the hair dryer and turn around and you can't even see it. But I could sure feel it. It felt like when you ride the splash ride at the amusement park. It was miserable. I was so relieved to get home I started taking my pants off on the way up the stairs. If my husband had seen me he would have thought I was having the mother of all hot flashes . I think from now on Im going to wear an apron to do facials. Or wading boots....