Tuesday, February 5, 2013

No does not mean never

So yesterday I volunteered at the school in the office. I was presented with a stack of letters by the JR. High Counselor  Mr. Gene who I really like he is a leader in Boy Scouts.

Mr. Gene: "I need you to fold these heres an envelope so you know about how to fold them over."

Me: "Okay what are they?"

Mr. Gene: "They are the sorry letters." And he made a sad face.

Me: "Im gonna pray over this stack of letters today."

Mr. Gene: Smiles. "Really all of them?"

Me: "Yep."

This school only accepts about 120 kids a year. If I recall there were about 400 kids who applied last year. I recall it like yesterday. Its a Roller Coaster for sure for the kids and the families. And its hard when you get the sorry letter. Some of Conors friends got the sorry letter. We felt so bad for them. Its bittersweet for sure...

So as I folded I thought about all the kids who were hanging onto the dream of being there. How hard they had worked, how they and thier parents were hoping that this child and family would be the one chosen to be there. I thought about how sad they would be that it didnt happen and how they would now have to resort to and try to find a plan B. I wondered about whether the arts kids would just give up and quit trying. Whether the IB kids would decide not to push themselves because it didnt happen. I hoped not. I felt such a mix of feelings. I also realized we live in a society thats AFRAID to say Sorry not this time.  In some  events every kid gets a medal just for showing up. Wow. So how does that teach them to FIGHT HARDER, GET SMARTER, KEEP GOING NO MATTER WHAT? I did feel really sorry. It hurt my heart that we dont have room for all the kids to go there. But it is what it is...So Heres what I prayed and thought " God I know that we all enjoy a calm place in our life where everything goes steadily along with little surprises and pleasantries and life is like a calm sea before us.  However we are merely lumps of unformed clay unless we are faced with some adversity in our life. We form a bigger charactor , when we are faced with difficult circumstances we engage our mind and our heart and call on strengths we didnt know we had, precious virtues and gifts that never would have been awakened without the scoring of our lives by adversity. How much more precious are the wondrous events and people who will be brought about through this, God Bless the leaders and gifts that will be formed by this letter. God Bless the families who will become even closer and stronger by going through this together. God Bless those who will step up to comfort, mentor and lead. Thank you Lord for this priviledge to pray for these people. Amen.

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  1. It always makes me happy to see dreams come true. I did not grow up in a time or with people who made this happen very often. But I have, since I have grown up, known people who worked hard and believed hard and made dreams come true not just for them but for the people they love.