Tuesday, February 12, 2013

In it for life

This morning I was coming home on the highway and off to the side I could see this goose standing in the grass watching the cars go by. I thought why is it just standing there why doesn't it fly off and be with some other geese? Traffic was moving very slowly so as I got closer I was able to see why. She was standing guard over a lifeless feathered form. She stood very close as if watching for some movement to signal that her mate would rise up as if from a nap shake it off and join her again. But it was not so. I of course immediatly felt sad and because it IS sad when an animal gets hit by a car and because I know this,  Geese mate for life. She was not going to leave for a very long time, it would take awhile for her to realize he was not going to be alright. I thought about how amazing it was that a creature like a goose could be so devoted, so loyal, so loving...

I often wonder what is missing that we don't connect to each other that way?  My wonder was this if a little goose can love for life why can't people? Oklahoma is the number one state for divorce in the nation. This makes me think what is the problem? Is it because divorce is too easy or because people don't realize what a committed relationship is?

Its easy to love someone in the beginning, the honeymoon stage when you are so into each other you practically inhale each others breath 24/7. Im talking about later when REALITY comes along and knocks the gild off the lily. When you realize that your significant other is not perfect. But you know what, that person that you are looking at sitting over there in the comfy chair reading a book or watching TV...They can't read your mind if your not happy. And if your not happy are you telling them what you need? Maybe you just need to hear that they notice when you do all the things you do for the family, the home for them.  And maybe you need to tell them you notice as well instead of sitting around looking at everything wrong, maybe you need to talk about whats right, and how you can fix whats not.  Now this is not a judgment on people who really try to make a relationship work and have exhausted every avenue,  merely an observation on those who bail out at because it gets hard.

I hope that this Valentines day we all remember that person you chose because they were worthy and you were honored to be with them is still right there, maybe a  little weathered, but its still those beautiful eyes, those sweet lips and those loving hands you fell in love with in the beginning, and you are not rowing the boat gently down the stream alone....


  1. My goose mate got hit by a midlife crisis. I waited to see if he would get back up, but he never did. Broke my heart, but eventually I was able to walk away and move on. Great writing!

  2. The goose that I married is taking a nap. He has dishes strewed everywhere, his hair is sticking straight up and his glasses are about to fall off. I would not trade that old man for a million dollars or anything. He will never know how much I love him. Maybe even I don't know how much I love him.