Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Im jus livin

I'm jus livin

I got some plaid pajamas
and a coonskin cap,
doncha know Mama
that's where its at?

Eatin straight from the box
thats good ice cream.
Cartoons on the TV
 I'm livin the dream.

I just try to always want
what I already got,
sad to some people
doesn't seem a lot.

Towers of Lego blocks,
rockets to the moon,
planning my trip
I'll be there soon.

Im gonna fly there
on  butterfly wing,
                                                                               carrying a magic sword
                                                                               and a golden ring.

                                                                               My dog and me
                                                                               jus travlin long,
                                                                               got hopes and dreams,
                                                                               Im livin on a song.

                                                                                Livin on a beautiful song....    

 Inspired by my boy
Suzanne Kelley 8/28/2012      


  1. Oh do I love this! Yes its so true. My sweet boy. Will he ever understand how much I love him. No, until he has a grandson. If only . . . . I could just see his little tiny baby face one more time and his cute little going to school face and his perfect little hands and . . . . .