Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Growing pains....

Skinny Jeans Man
2 1/2  years old
 Conor started Jr. High this week. He is going to a combination of Jr. High and High School all in one. He looks like a 13 or 14 year old to most people like in this "First Day of School" picture.

However this picture to your right is a more realistic depiction.

In the case of Conor vs growing Pains he has regressed to his much younger self.

He does not want to take the time to shower. He does not like to shower before bed. I have to ride his ass every night "Conor go take a shower." "Mom can't I just wait til the morning Im not dirty." This is said with a straight face as I look at him with stains covering his clothes from head to toe, dirt under his fingernails, and a smudge of ketchup on his chin. "It was 9 million degrees today you have to wash the sweat and dirt off of your face, hair, pits, and privates. Oh and your feet don't forget your feet."  Flumping, sighing, eye rolling, and groaning he heads upstairs where he gets in the shower for 2 hours. I don't know what he's doing in there because sometimes I have to make him go back and wash his hair he says, "I forgot."

Man cub
He sleeps A LOT.
 After the shower he's so relaxed he just falls over into bed. BUT his room has to be warm. And he has to have covers on at all times. I go in to kiss him goodnite and he's sweaty. I wipe his hair away from his face and ooooch the covers down to help him cool off and he grabs them. "No I dont want to get cold stop!" Its dark, warm and like a cave  in his room even in the daytime. He buries himself under the clean clothes on his bed so you can't find him. Saturday his Dad thought he had run away til he found him upstairs still asleep and it was past noon, camoflauged by the bunches of clumped up comforter...

He's ALWAYS hungry. He can eat breakfast at 9 and he's ready for lunch at 10:30. And I mean his lunch , your lunch, and whatever anyone else leaves on the plate. Don't leave food on the counter longer than 20 minutes because he wants it.( But at least he asks first. Cali the cattle dog smelled the bag of tacos pulled it right off and helped herself last week.) I have to carry food in my purse again because he will always ask for something. He's a Great white shark disguised as a little glasses wearing geek boy.

Dads clothes 
So I was thinking about all this wierd stuff and told Larry I thought maybe he was a pod boy alien. You know the dirt, the dark, the food, all the sleeping.... and in saunters Conor wearing his Dads clothes out of the laundry basket just like when he was about 3.  And It suddenly dawned on me, he's having a growth spurt just like when he was a baby! He always did this right before he grew up about 4 inches and gained 5 more pounds. My boy is getting ready to really shoot it up.  In a few months he's going to be taller than me I bet. This makes me glad because he's healthy but sad because Im losing my baby. 

But this past couple of weeks Conor has been coming in and snuggling with me at night. And early this morning I somehow ended up with him in my armpit . I know he'd been there  a long time because my whole arm was asleep and I was crammed in between him and Larry dying of a heat stroke.
I started to get up but instead I pulled my arm out and looked at his face, really looked at it. And marveled over his sweet still round little lips and cheeks and how he was cuddled up to me and asked myself "how do Mamas do it? How do they ever get used to not havin thier babies in thier arms when they grow up?"  
So Im having growing pains too it seems...

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