Monday, August 6, 2012

Dancing Queen

watch this first little girl dancing

A lot of mornings when I come back to the house after I drop off Conor  Im alone and I pick a song to listen to and I do my "Happy Dance."

I really feel like the little girl dancing inside but my 50 year old body does not look as cute or work as well as hers does. But because Im alone I just dance all over and dont worry about it and let myself be happy. It makes me feel like I did dancing with my Yayas in Jr High and High school all of us crammed into the little living room, or dancing in the garage in the summer, or when I got older and would go out dancing with my friends so happy, so full of joy and life and beauty.

Well one morning Larry caught me before I was going to work doing my secret dancing and I decided I didn't care I was going to just keep dancing anyway and after I watched it I thought "Maybe it will inspire some of my other friends who think they are too old,  or dignified, or feel silly or whatever to dance and get happy feet then Im puttin it out there.

 Do I look silly? Probably. Do I care not a bit.

 So put on some GoGos or Beatles, or Led Zeppelin or whatever makes your feet move and get busy....

You be your own Dancing Queen full of joy , beauty, and life.


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