Monday, July 9, 2012

The secret of Happiness

Conor has been going to Buy For Less with me all summer to help with shopping and carrying and learning about being on a budget. So off we go once a week yesterday was our day. As we were leaving we saw one of the employees Dawkins cleaning gum off the pavement outside. It was hot, muggy, and he had a little teeny hand broom, a bucket,  a scraper, and dustpan. He would holler in a singsong voice to people going in the doors about 10 feet away" HELLOOOOOO how are YOUUU?" They would smile and wave or holler back Hellooo!. Or as they were walking out "Thank you have  great Sunday."

Conor was getting in the car and said-
"Have you ever noticed how happy that guy is Mom? I mean he is   like making those people acknowledge him but in a JOYFUL way sort of pushy happiness ya know? I wonder how come he's always so happy?"
I said "Well lets ask him."
So I pulled up beside him and rolled down the window, Conor said "Hey um er excuse me Sir you are always so happy we just wondered what your secret was everytime we come here you are always happy."
"Well", he says smiling in his green cap and apron, "Its all about Jesus, but you can't be concerned with all thats out here", then pointing at his heart with his little broom he answered, "Its all gotta be from here thats where happy comes from, I gotta wife and three kids and I been through alot but Im goin OK now and Im so glad I just dont have anything to be unhappy about ever, so I try to help other people be happy too." He was so earnest and sweet standing in his little ball cap and apron waving his broom around I laughed and said "Thanks Dawkins for sharing we really enjoy running into you."
Conor said "Mom he's so cool." I agreed He is one cool guy. Cool like a happiness Bruce Lee....

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