Saturday, January 7, 2012

Makin the sex

Maybe im thinking about makin the sex here. I can't remember...
I grew up in apartments and when I started wearing make up I discovered it was alot easier to take it in the living room where there are windows than the bathroom which had the crappiest lighting in the world.  Since then every place I have lived I have always put my makeup on in the living room. Plus I can watch TV and make sure COnor is eating and not goofin off before school. ( yes I will get to the sex part in a minute hold your horses!)

Also the other day Larry and I watched a movie where a young woman walks in the living room barely dressed where another couple has come to visit and asks her boyfriend "We are makin the sex with them?' Which totally cracked me up. I loved her phrasing.

So its Friday morning. Im doing my makeup,  a movie is on TV,  The wife is begging the husband to come upstairs because they have not had sex for a week. Conor walks in and sits down to eat his cereal as the scene switches to the couples little boy going outside to sit on the porch after his folks run upstairs.

Conor: "Whys the little boy outside?"

Me: "Because he doesn't want to hear his parents."

Conor :" Hear his parents do what?"

Me: "Hear his parents upstairs makin the sex."

Conor: "WHAT? They should not do that with a baby in the house!"

Me: "Conor people don't stop makin the sex just because they have kids, we did it all the time."

Conor: " Wait what? No I didn't need to know that Mom! But you don't not now..."

Me: " Yes now your Dad and I  still have sex. "

Talk about shock and raw.... Totally scarred for life. Therapy til he's oh 80...

Then I told him a funny story about my friend. She was about 9. She came in and heard her parents. She realized what they were doing and was so traumatized she went out to her tree house, ate a entire box of cookies, crying for hours because she thought they didnt have sex because she was adopted so why would they need to do that?

Get a room you two!

At the same time Larry walked in. I was standing up and he grabbed me said " Hey COnor Im kissing your Mom" and gave me a big ole smooch...

COnor ran screaming away....

We got in the car and I said are you OK? He said I guess. I said OK you think thats bad let me tell you some stories about you and your penis......

My poor poor child, he laughed all the way to school...

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