Thursday, March 31, 2011

How did he survive?

I was thinking yesterday about my brother Jerrie and how at one time we were so close I could barely get him out of my armpit. Of course my Mom blames it all on me. She says when I was 4 I would go up to people in the grocery store and beg to borrow thier infant till she and husband number 2 had one just to indulge me. Thats what she says but everyone knows the truth to THAT story....

Anyway it wasn't that bad when he was a baby and flat on his back. I could read to him, sing to him, play with him and make him laugh. He was easy to take my stuff away from. I'd just shove him over and yank it out of his hand. Or do the distraction method "heres a cracker give me that." He got it over it quick enough. But then he got really mobile and all bets were off.
He threw up all over my blow up dinosaur from the sinclair staion and we ended up having to throw it away because it smelled so bad plastic and vomit , he pulled all the heads off of my dolls from around the world. Do you know how creepy it is to have fully clothed headless dolls on a shelf in your room? I finally threw them away it was a sad day...

He ripped pages out of my books, scribbled on my wall which I got in trouble for because I left my crayons out. He stole my stuffed Snoopy I got for valentines day and every time I tried to play with it he would scream. He STILL has it. Whenever he would get in trouble because I was supposed to be"WATCHING" ,him it was always "You are the oldest, you are smarter than him, you are responsible for what he does." Thanks guys I was a kid OK?

So I found ways to torment him thinking he'd give up and go away. I put him in the wicker clothes hamper and sat on it till he quit crying, and trying to escape. When I looked in there he was asleep. When my mom asked where he was I said he's asleep in the clothes hamper.

Then once when my cousins were over I told him the bubble bath was sugar and he put some in his mouth and so did my other cousin and they both were crying bubbles. He couldn't talk with soap in his mouth so I didn't get in too much trouble for that especially because the boys felt so bad they practically confessed to the entire thing.

I cut his hair, I put make up on him and dressed him like a girl.Sometimes I fed him wierd food combinations. The ketchup, mustard and pickle sandwich, and the Tuna helper with jalapeno juice were the worst I think. But he ate them.

Now he has three kids. Two girls and a boy. I hope they torment him unmercifully. When my son brought up the "I might want a sibling" topic both my husband and I regale him with the you have to share everything and cant get mad when they do stuff stories. He decided that he would just hang out with his cousins.

I have more stories about my brother and I... Whats the meanest thing you have ever done to a sibling or family member? My husband threw his brother down the stairs once. But thats another story....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wearing a spirit

Saw my friend yesterday. He was wearing these cowboy boots that were really worn and def needed some TLC. I asked "Were those your Dads?" He said "Yeah they are not my size but they fit perfect, I wear them everywhere."
I have 2 old levis jackets that were my Grandfathers. Whenever I wear them its like feeling his arms around me. I also have jewelry that was my grandmothers and everytime I put it on I can see her in the mirror.
Some items just never go out of style, and they give you a flounce to your step, a sparkle to your eyes that you might not have otherwise when you know the person who it belonged to.
When Im at the thrift store and I look at clothes, hats, things like that I always wonder about the person who it belonged to.
We went thrifting yesterday and as I was waiting to check out I looked out and saw all these photos stapled to the wall. All ages, all different kinds school pictures, photgraphs, snapshots.
I said "Who are all those people?" The lady at the desk said "When we get donations and there are pictures in there we staple them to the wall and they become our family."
I bought my son a leather coat and before I gave it to him I put my hands in the pockets to make sure there was nothing in there he didnt need to see. I felt something and pulled it out. It was a little floral card that said " I hope you know I love you..." so I left it in there. A little token from the previous wearer and me...