Monday, December 26, 2011

A different Christmas

Christmas was different this year. This was my favorite gift a painting from COnor...

 Conor wore sock monkey PJ's not his usual red plaid. I think it may be the last funny flannel PJ Christmas and I believe in Santa with him. I laid upstairs with him on his bed my arms around him. He quivered all over because he could hear the bells outside and noise downstairs. I nuzzled into him and he breathed his eggnog breath in my face while I tried not to laugh out loud at him.

The funny thing is he played more with a light up top from Cracer barrlell than he did with any of his other toys...

I swore I would'nt use my credit card cash only but it was so worth it to see Larry the Big Kahuna with his Ukalale glued to his chest for the past two days. He has played and played and played it. Watching COnor play his bass with his amp. I know now how my Mom felt watching me and my brother play with our toys so excited and happy.

This was the first time we had Larrys folks spend a holiday with us ever. They came in from Texas on Christmas Eve and left this am. Larry cooked like a maniac and we ate like kings. He was like a little kid so happy to have his parents here. COnor was very excited too just about talked his Grammas ear off and loved hanging out with his grandpa and daddy fixing his toy helicopter.

I don't think that his parents realize how isolated from them he has felt all these years with them in Florida and him here.   My folks try to make sure he knows he's family but you still always want your own around at least once in awhile and to welcome them to your home.  Im looking forward to seeing
Conor get to know them. I hope he learns allot from his Papa Terry Mr fix anything guy. I know it helps him feel happy and useful to fix stuff so I will have a list for him next time he comes*wink*

I am looking forward to see what the new year brings and that we see more of JoAnne and Terry. Come on over we will leave the light on for you....

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