Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dear Mr. Campbell

 Dear Mr Campbell,

When I was a kid we listened to music all the time. Especially on saturdays. My Mom would put as many albums on the turntable as would fit and we would listen to them all day.

 Some days we threw in  R&B, or us kids Disney records but it was always Glen Campbell Saturday. My Mom loved you and so I did too.

If we were in the car and your music came on the radio we always sang along. Who doesn't know the words to Galveston or Rhinestone Cowboy? It made many a long car ride tolerable to throw in a tape of your music.

As I became a teeneager  there were days when my Mom and I didnt hardly talk to each other because of the fighting but could sit in the same room and listen to you
which created a memory for us of easier times and a bridge we could meet at.

Every guitar player I hung out with had at least 2 or 3 of your songs learned because they were timeless and everyone liked them.

I also had a crush on you. Handsome, soulful, mellow and smooth.  I loved you even when all my friends said country isn't cool. I knew you were more than a genre.

My regret is that you were pigeion holed into a category by the music industry. You are much more than a country singer Mr. Campbell. I will never understand why they always have to put people like you in a box.
 I have listened to your new album and love it. It speaks volumes about your life.

Im very sad that your brilliant talent and life will be diminshed by Alzheimers.

I admire that you are so open about it and I also love that you are taking one last tour with your kids and your music old and new.

Thank you Mr Campbell Im so glad you leave a legacy that I can share with my son....

Glenn Campbell Diagnosed With Alzheimer's Disease | Video - ABC News

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